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Committees support the Sorority in executing strategic initiatives based on our core values of Intellect, Excellence, Graciousness, Respect and Connections. These core values guide the operations and decisions of the Sorority. The strategic areas of focus of the Sorority are: Member Development, Growth and Retention, Communication and Marketing, Member Engagement, Infrastructure, and Financial Management.

Nominations Committee
Shauna Jackson (Chair), Jessa Albert, Alice Ball, Esther Barrios, and Rachel Presskreischer. Alternate: Stephanie Little

The Nominations Committee, which is composed of four alumnae members, one collegiate member, one alternate collegiate member, and one alternate alumna member, is elected by ballot during each Convention. The Nominations Committee shall consider the qualifications of all candidates for elected officer positions proposed by any member. The Nominations Committee shall nominate a slate of at least one name for each elected officer position. The report of the committee shall be made available to the membership no later than March 1st of the election year.

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Audit Committee – vacant

The Audit Committee shall be comprised of at least three members. The majority of voting members of the committee must be voting members of the National Council. The committee will recommend to the National Council the CPA firm to conduct the annual Financial Review of the Sorority’s financial records.

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Board of Trustees
Pat Nayle (Chair),  Martha DeCamp (Secretary), Carol Cooper, Jean McNamara, Emily McIntire,  Amy Brooks, Jamie Jones Miller

The Board of Trustees is an advisory committee which functions to preserve the purpose, ideals, standards, and historical integrity of the Sorority. The committee is composed of at least 5 but no more than 7 alumnae members in good standing. The committee has the authority to appoint its members. The committee shall establish its procedures. The committee shall perform the following duties: review and render opinions to the National Council on proposed amendments to these Bylaws; receive and hold in confidence the minutes of the National Council; review publication drafts as requested; respond to questions and concerns by any member.

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Governing Documents Committee
Andrea Rogers Mersiovsky (Chair), Lettie Cottrell, Theresa Gallo-Osorio, Alli Miller, Katherine Onyshko, Erika McManus Bukva

The Governing Documents Committee shall be composed of at least five members, including one collegiate member. The Governing Documents Committee shall receive all proposed amendments to the governing documents that will be considered by the convention body. They shall ensure that all amendments are in correct parliamentary form and shall consolidate similar amendments for join proposal subject to the acceptance by the proposers. The committee shall give notice of all properly submitted amendments along with a recommendation for action.

The Governing Documents Committee shall develop a plan to notify members of the timetable and process for submitting proposed amendments to the Bylaws. The Governing Documents Committee may work with the Executive Director on execution of this plan.

Proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be received by the Governing Documents Committee no later than January 15th prior to Convention.

The Governing Documents Committee shall distribute the proposed amendments to the membership.

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Sorority Advisory Committee – vacant

The Sorority Advisory Committee shall be composed of at least five alumnae and/or collegiate members. The Sorority Advisory Committee shall serve as a think-tank for the purpose of assisting the National Council in researching specific topics, trends and other items as needed to meet strategic objectives.

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