Headquarters Staff

The Headquarters Staff leads the Sorority in executing strategic initiatives based on our core values of Intellect, Excellence, Graciousness, Respect and Connections. These core values guide the operations and decisions of the Sorority.

3334 Founders Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Phone: 317-613-7575
Fax: 317-613-7111
Email: headquarters@alphasigmatau.org

Jim Paponetti, CAE, Executive Director


As Executive Director, Jim is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Sorority and implementing such policies as may be adopted by the National Council.

Angie Bong, Associate Executive Director of Member Services

abong@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7229

Contact Angie when you have chapter management concerns or issues that exceed your Headquarters Staff Contact’s ability to assist; if your chapter is on probation with the Sorority or your college/university; if you are interested in becoming an Educational Consultant; or if you need assistance with any other items related to Chapter Services.

Rachel Bourgeois Green, Phi, Director of Meetings and Events

rgreen@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7567

Contact Rachel you have a question about Convention and other national Sorority events.

Emily Kindred, Beta Delta, Director of Development

ekindred@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7566

Contact Emily to make a donation, establish a fund, or set up a recurring gift commitment.

Holly Morris, CAE, CMP, Director of Operations

hmorris@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7571

Contact Holly when you need information on licensed vendors, need to get local vendors licensed, or have questions or issues with member tools, such as Officer Portal.

Pam Myhre, Gamma Theta, Director of Finance

pmyhre@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7565

Contact Pam when you have a question about your collegiate chapter’s financial statements or while filing taxes on behalf of your chapter.

Ben Nemenoff, Director of Marketing and Communications

bnemenoff@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7574

Contact Ben if you have questions about the Sorority’s marketing and communications strategies, specific publications (like The Anchor or The Crest), or if you have a story you would like to share.

Kirsten Heck, Gamma Pi, Member Engagement Coordinator

kheck@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7230

Contact Kirsten when you have a question about Chapter Advisory Board recruitment and appointment, or alumnae chapter or association support.

Alex Kennedy, Chapter Services Coordinator

akennedy@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7226

Contact Alex if your chapter is one of her client chapters or you have questions about Illuminate.

Michelle Zewe Markley, Alpha Tau, Communications Specialist

mmarkley@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7233

Contact Michelle when you have questions about the Sorority’s communications and social media, or if you have a story to share.

Ashley Smith, Psi, Growth and Extension Coordinator

aksmith@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7573

Contact Ashley when you have a question about recruitment processes, preparation for recruitment, membership selection procedures, or if you are one of Ashley’s client chapters. If your campus is discussing changing its style of recruitment or considering extension, please contact your Alpha Sigma Tau NPC Area Delegate, listed in Officer Portal.

Justina Solties, Gamma Theta, Member Engagement Coordinator

jsolties@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7572

Contact Justina when you have a question about Ritual, Alumnae Initiation, or volunteering for the Sorority.

Kate Wehby, Gamma Xi, Chapter Services Coordinator

kwehby@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7228

Contact Kate if your chapter is one of her client chapters or you have questions regarding chapter management and operations, new member education, GreekLifeEDU, or Not Anymore.

Jessi Zabriskie, CNP, Administrative Assistant

admin@alphasigmatau.org, ext. 7563

Contact Jessi when you have questions about member status changes, need assistance with a supply order, need to order a replacement Badge, or when you are not sure who you need to contact

Emily Boockoff, Epsilon Sigma, Educational Consultant


Contact Emily if your chapter is one of her client chapters and you have questions regarding chapter management.

Sarah Pinkerton, Delta Pi, Educational Consultant


Contact Sarah if your chapter is one of her client chapters and you have questions regarding chapter management.

Megan Smith, Gamma Rho, Educational Consultant


Contact Megan if your chapter is one of her client chapters and you have questions regarding chapter management.

The Emerald Boutique

Custom Designs:
Sharon Bui

Contact Naydia if you would like to create a custom group order.

Shop Boxes:
Shannon Ulrich

Contact Shannon if you questions about shop boxes or want to receive a shop box.

Customer Service:

Submit a message if you have a general question about The Emerald Boutique or merchandise, need to return an online purchase, have questions regarding your order, or would like to submit an idea for a new product.