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Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority (Alpha Chapter) was founded on November 4, 1899, at Michigan State Normal College (now Eastern Michigan University) in Ypsilanti, Michigan by eight women. The Founders of Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority are Helene M. Rice, Mayene Tracy, Adriance Rice, Eva O’Keefe, May Gephart, Mabel Chase, Ruth Dutcher, and Harriet Marx. The colors are emerald green and gold. The flower is the yellow rose and the jewel is the white pearl.

For over 100 years, Alpha Sigma Tau has been an active presence at universities and colleges across the country. From its beginnings in 1899 to today, the Purpose of the Sorority has been to promote the ethical, cultural, and social development of its members and members have maintained high standards of scholarship, friendship, and social grace.

The establishment of sororities on college campuses which addressed themselves to the education of teachers led to the formation of those sororities into the Association of Education Sororities (AES). One of the goals of Alpha Sigma Tau was to become a national sorority and to achieve membership in the Association of Education Sororities (AES).

Alpha Sigma Tau spent the first ten years establishing the appropriate foundation to develop a national organization. In April 1905, a group of women at Central Michigan Normal School (now Central Michigan University), in Mt. Pleasant, joined Alpha Sigma Tau as the Beta Chapter. Other chapters soon affiliated and, by April 1926, the Sorority had achieved membership in AES. The Sorority’s first convention was held in Detroit, Michigan, where the Sorority magazine, The ANCHOR, was established.

In December 1951, the AES merged with the National Panhellenic Conference and Alpha Sigma Tau began its long and active association with NPC. Alpha Sigma Tau sister, Cynthia Peckhart McCrory, served on the Executive Committee of NPC from 1979 through 1985 and was elected to the first Executive Board of the National Panhellenic Conference Foundation.

The Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation was incorporated in 1982 to promote and expand the educational and charitable activities of the Sorority. This major milestone has provided Alpha Sigma Tau with the means to make stronger philanthropic contributions and to more readily provide academic scholarships to sisters.

In 1995, Alpha Sigma Tau bought, purchased, and moved into its new building for the Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. This office served as the clearinghouse for most sorority information and as the Sorority’s “home.”

From the beginning, alumnae involvement has been an important part of membership in Alpha Sigma Tau. Alumnae have played key roles in the growth of the Sorority, providing guidance and support to collegiate chapters, and taking leadership roles in greek organizations. They have also staffed Headquarters, coordinated Conventions, and funded major Sorority projects. The Sorority now operates with a professionally staffed Headquarters facility in Indianapolis, IN.

Today, collegiate and alumnae sisters continue to form strong and lasting bonds in Alpha Sigma Tau. The Sorority’s programs and social service projects continue to enrich the lives of many, helping sisters contribute our share to the progress of mankind. We welcome new sisters and help each other be contributing members of our community.


Plain Gold BadgePearl BadgeRuby BadgeDiamond Badge

The gold and pearl badges are worn by initiated members of Alpha Sigma Tau. The ruby badge is worn by Alpha Sigma Tau members who serve as Volunteer Personnel. The yellow topaz badge (not shown) is worn by the National Panhellenic Conference Delegation members. The emerald badge is worn by Alpha Sigma Tau National Council and National Officers. The diamond badge is worn by the Alpha Sigma Tau National President and Past National Presidents.

All official Sorority badges and new member pins must be ordered through Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters.

Single Letter guardAnchor DangleDouble Letter guardPresident Dangle

All accessory jewelry; such as Alpha Sigma Tau chapter guards, dangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and much more can be ordered from Herff Jones at