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Headquarters Staff

The employees of the Sorority are the Headquarters Staff.

The Headquarters Staff leads the Sorority in executing strategic initiatives based on our core values of Intellect, Excellence, Graciousness, Respect and Connections. These core values guide the operations and decisions of the Sorority.

Contact Information:
Mail: 3334 Founders Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 317-613-7575
Fax: 317-613-7111

Executive Director, Jim Paponetti
Director of Chapter Services
Chapter Services Specialist, Kellee Neary
Chapter Services Specialist, Sarah Wild
Director of Membership Growth, Gretchen Stahl Foran
Recruitment Specialist, Ashley Smith
Extension Educational Consultant, Morgan Shiflett
Director of Operations, Holly Morris
Director of Finance, Pam Myhre
Member Engagement Coordinator, Justina Solties
Administrative Assistant

For a list of current employment opportunities with Alpha Sigma Tau, visit the Employment Opportunity page.

Executive Director
Jim Paponetti

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Sorority and implementing such policies as may be adopted by the National Council. The Executive Director shall have the authority to hire, supervise, discipline, and terminate all employees, and to perform other such duties as required by the governing documents or as assigned by the National Council.

General Areas of Responsibility: hire and supervise Headquarters Staff; appoint and supervise Volunteer Personnel; execute objectives of the Strategic Plan; corporate Secretary and Treasurer of the National Organization; serve as a representative of the Sorority; work as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the National Council to serve the best interests of the Sorority; manage relationships with partner organizations and licensed vendors; Alumnae Chapter/Association support; chapter housing; and member development programming.

Contact Jim when you have issues related to chapter housing, alumnae chapter or alumnae association concerns, or general alumnae questions.

Director of Chapter Services

The Director of Chapter Services is responsible for the Educational Consultant Program and managing general collegiate chapter management related concerns.

General Areas of Responsibility: Educational Consultant Program; chapter probation; membership retention; GreekLifeEdu implementation; general chapter management issues; general education; officer transition; Tau Honor Council; academics; risk management; new member education; chapter finances; philanthropy and service; chapter events; and the Annual Member Exam.

Contact the Director of Chapter Services when you have chapter management concerns or issues that exceed your Educational Consultants ability to assist; if your chapter is on Probation with the Sorority or your college/university; if you are interested in becoming an Educational Consultant; or if you need assistance with any of the items listed above.

Chapter Services Specialist
Kellee Neary ext. 7564

The Chapter Services Specialist assists with developing and delivering comprehensive chapter management resources and education to Alpha Sigma Tau collegiate chapters and Chapter Advisory Board members.

Contact Kellee if you have questions regarding the Chapter Advisory Board appointment process, to recommend a potential Chapter Advisory Board member, or to gain ideas on how to recruit volunteers to serve on the Chapter Advisory Board.

Chapter Services Specialist
Sarah Wild ext. 7574

The Chapter Services Specialist assists with developing and delivering comprehensive chapter management resources and education to Alpha Sigma Tau collegiate chapters and Chapter Advisory Board members.

Contact Sarah if your chapter is one of Sarah’s client chapters and you have questions regarding chapter management. Chapter officers can view the chapter’s Headquarters Contact in Officer Portal to see if their chapter is one of Sarah’s client chapters.

Director of Membership Growth
Gretchen Stahl Foran ext. 7226

The Director of Membership Growth is responsible for overseeing the extension and recruitment efforts of the Sorority.

General Areas of Responsibility: review the NPC Extension Bulletin and submit proposals to extend; develop and deliver extension presentations when invited; lead colonization efforts; recruitment efforts and statistics of all chapters and colonies; supervise Extension Educational Consultant.

Contact Gretchen when you have a question about recruitment processes; preparation for recruitment; RFM questions, etc. If your campus is discussing extension, please contact your Alpha Sigma Tau NPC Area Delegate.

Recruitment Specialist
Ashley Smith ext. 7573

The Recruitment Specialist is responsible for working with client chapters to coach their collegiate members and appointed advisors toward enhanced membership recruitment and retention results.

General Areas of Responsibility: serve as recruitment coach for client chapters; assist with development and execution of innovative membership recruitment workshops and resources; lead or assist on-campus recruitment and membership selection for Alpha Sigma Tau colonies.

Contact Ashley when you have a question about recruitment processes; preparation for recruitment; membership retention; etc.

Extension Educational Consultant
Morgan Shiflett

The Extension Educational Consultant works primarily with the re-colonization of the Beta Rho Chapter at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas, as well as assisting other colonization needs and new chapter support throughout the year.

Director of Operations
Holly Morris, CAE, CMP ext. 7571

The Director of Operations is responsible for ensuring smooth operating systems for the Sorority, managing affinity partnerships and licensed vendors; national event logistics; and the Member Development Program Pilot Process.

General Areas of Responsibility: manage technical support and integration for Billhighway, GIN, and Patriot Database (Officer Portal); work with affinity partners to ensure consistent messaging and data sharing; Member Development Pilot Program; and Convention/Officer Academy logistics and details.

Contact Holly when you have a question about Billhighway, GIN, or Officer Portal technical issues; need information on licensed vendors; to get local vendors licensed; are a Pilot Chapter for the Member Development Program; or have event logistics questions for Convention or Officer Academy (rooming, travel, etc.)

Director of Finance
Pam Myhre ext. 7565

The Director of Finance is responsible for managing all in-house general accounting tasks, overseeing accounts payable and receivable, and handling general human resource related tasks.

General Areas of Responsibility: work with chapters on billing issues; pay vendors; process governmental compliance forms; manage payroll.

Contact Pam when you have questions about chapter statement in Officer Portal; a bill; how to submit a payment, etc.

Member Engagement Coordinator
Justina Solties ext. 7572

The Member Engagement Coordinator is responsible for the Sorority’s communications, marketing, member engagement, and brand identity.

General Areas of Responsibility: develop and manage the Sorority’s communication plan and schedule; educate members on communication, marketing and brand standards; assist in serving the needs of alumnae chapters, associations, and individual alumnae members; and work closely with a volunteer team for publication and delivery of THE ANCHOR.

Contact Justina when you have a question about communications or brand standards; Alpha Sigma Tau Ritual; alumnae chapters or associations; contributing Alumnae Dues; Alumnae Initiation; or general questions about how to remain engaged.

Administrative Assistant ext. 7563

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for serving as the main point of member services contact. The Administrative Assistant answers the main telephone line, responds to general email inquiries, and manages all incoming and outgoing mail.

General Areas of Responsibility: general member service questions; approve member status changes reported in Officer Portal; fulfill supply orders; overall Data Management.

Contact the Administrative Assistant when you have questions about member status changes; need assistance with a supply order; need to order a replacement Badge; or simply when you are not sure who you need to contact.