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Mission, Vision, Values

Delta Sigma with letters

AST CrestAlpha Sigma Tau Sorority is committed to developing scholars, philanthropists, leaders and sisters among our collegiate and alumnae members. The Sorority strives to have a cooperative relationship with our host colleges and universities as we educate our members on who we are as Alpha Sigma Taus. The colors of the Sorority are emerald green and gold. The jewel is the white pearl and the flower is the yellow rose. The symbol of Alpha Sigma Tau is the anchor.


Beauty of Spirit. Fulfillment of Self. Exceptional Sisterhood.


To foster intellectual, cultural, ethical and social development
To instill a commitment to lifelong leadership
To develop women who enrich the lives of others
To promote an environment of shared understanding and respect for values, expectations and goals
To sustain relationships that transcend the collegiate experience


Intellect – The pursuit and cultivation of knowledge, wisdom, truth, and culture.

Excellence – Always seeking to perform at the highest level; having a disdain for mediocrity; Creating and taking advantage of opportunities to excel.

Graciousness – Creating an environment of pleasantness and embodying kindness, generosity of spirit, charm, tact, courtesy, and authenticity in all we do.

Respect – The highest level of esteem for the worth of ourselves, our sisters, our peers, our community, our history, our future, and our values.

Connections – Building and maintaining meaningful, sincere, and lasting relationships with our members, our alma mater, and our community.


  • Membership Development
  • Growth and Retention
  • Member Engagement
  • Financial Management
  • Infrastructure


While our standards and ideals permeate every facet of our governing documents, chapter meetings, activities, events, sacred rituals, and symbols, the purpose created by our Founders is as valid today as it was on November 4, 1899. We believe that the Purpose of Alpha Sigma Tau best describes our core values.

Alpha Sigma Tau promotes the ethical, cultural, and social development of its members, specifically:

  • to develop the character of each member through a study of ethics so that she will show in all her relationships sincerity, honesty, love and understanding;
  • to help each member enjoy the cultural advantages in life so that she will know how to select those things which are most worthwhile; and
  • to develop in each member the social graces to the extent that she will be able to take her place in life with true dignity and poise.


Our Creed further expands how we will meet these standards:

As a member of Alpha Sigma Tau,
I believe in the permanence and loveliness of its ideals.
I believe in the values of friendship and fidelity to purpose.
I believe in the fulfillment of self and will strive to contribute my share to the progress of mankind.
I believe in cultivating beauty of spirit and graciousness of living in all my contacts with others.
I believe that faithfulness to these ideals will help me to live joyously and valiantly.


The Tau Honor Principle explains the key agreements all members make to guard the most valuable assets of our Sisterhood:

  • Keep the Sorority’s decision making and sacred Ritual confidential;
  • Uphold the values, mission, and vision statements;
  • Uphold Alpha Sigma Tau Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policy and Position Statements;
  • Be honest, truthful, and trustworthy with the members;
  • Conduct Sorority affairs with honor and ethics;
  • Safe-guard Sorority property and funds; and/or
  • In the face of adversity, behave in a manner that upholds the Tau Honor Principle.

This agreement is made effective upon accepting membership into the Sorority and continues throughout a member’s lifetime. The Tau Honor Principle presumes a member is honorable unless proven otherwise.


The Open Motto of the Sorority is Active, Self-reliant, Trustworthy.