About- National Council

National Council

The elected officers of Alpha Sigma Tau are the National Council.

2014-2016 National Council:

The National Council leads the Sorority in developing and meeting strategic initiatives based on our core values of Intellect, Excellence, Graciousness, Respect, and Connections. These core values guide the operations and decisions of the Sorority.

The National Council consists of one President and five Vice Presidents, one of whom must be a collegian at the time of election. In fact, Alpha Sigma Tau is proud to be the first and only NPC organization with a collegian as a voting member of the National Council!

The National Council also hires and oversees the Executive Director, who implements the goals and strategies of the National Council and the advancement of the Sorority as a whole.

The duties of the National Council are to:

  • Fulfill all provisions in the governing documents
  • Provide strategic planning along with the vision, direction, and prioritization of Sorority initiatives
  • Hire, supervise, and (if necessary) discipline and terminate the Executive Director
  • Provide proper financial oversight
  • Establish policy that defines and upholds the Sorority’s values and customs
  • Enhance the Sorority’s internal and public image
  • Determine and monitor the organization’s programs and services
  • Ensure adequate human and financial resources
  • Evaluate itself, the organization’s outcomes, and the Executive Director at least once annually