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Alpha Sigma Tau relies on volunteers who give their time and talent at the national, regional, and local level of the organization. Volunteerism in Alpha Sigma Tau is perhaps the truest form of personifying the mission of the Sorority.

Some national volunteers serve in capacities such as the National Council or Standing Committees. The ideal candidate for these roles possesses qualities such as the ability to think and act strategically rather than operationally, experience in governance and advocacy, excellent communication skills across broad ranges of audiences, and a clear understanding of the vision, mission, and values of the Sorority.

Volunteer Personnel of the Sorority are national volunteers that advance the strategic direction of the Sorority through specific operational work. Positions such as Editors of Sorority publications, Academics Coordinator, or New Member Coordinator, work to ensure specific programs or initiatives are in alignment with the mission, vision, values, and strategic direction of the Sorority.

Regional volunteers serve in such roles as District Coordinator or Membership Recruitment Coordinator. Regional volunteers possess a clear understanding of the operations of the Sorority at the local level, have the ability to manage multiple tasks and relationships simultaneously, while ensuring outcomes are in alignment with operational objectives of Alpha Sigma Tau.

The local volunteer is most commonly the Chapter Advisor, or member of the Chapter Advisory Board. The local volunteer is not a manager or director, but rather a mentor and coach. The chapter advisor works to help chapter officers reach their true leadership potential. Chapter Advisory Board members work at the most operational level of the Sorority.

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