1899 Society for Collegiate Giving

We are pleased to offer the 1899 Society, an exclusive giving society for collegiate members donating $18.99 or more within a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) to the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation. Your gift to the 1899 Society demonstrates your commitment to empowering your fellow Sisters and growing the future for Alpha Sigma Tau.

Your contribution is tax-deductible and supports the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that offers scholarships to members and provides financial support for many of the Sorority’s educational programs.

As a member of the 1899 Society you will receive one of four annual colored anchor Badge dangles (one per year) with the opportunity to collect all four colors over four years. Dangles will be distributed on-site at national events or mailed to your preferred address within one month from your contribution. The dangle for January 1 – December 31, 2017 is the green anchor pictured below, with the 2018-2020 colors following accordingly.

In addition to the dangle, members of the 1899 Society will also receive recognition on the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority website, name tag ribbon recognition at national events, and the personal satisfaction of supporting an organization that is positively impacting the lives of you and your Sisters.

Join the 1899 Society with your gift of $18.99 or more by:


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2017 Donor Recognition (rolling)

The Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation is pleased to recognize the following collegians as members of the 1899 Society for calendar year 2017. Collegiate giving is integral to the success of our organization, and your generosity is truly appreciated. Thank you!

Please Note: This list is considered “rolling” until the end of the calendar year and will be updated on a regular basis.

Alpha Chapter at Eastern Michigan University

  • Kristi Erickson Cantrell, Alpha
  • Markie Gentry, Alpha
  • Emmanuela Jannaro, Alpha
  • Katie Kramer, Alpha
  • Becca Ledwick, Alpha
  • Katey Meredith, Alpha
  • Sierra Moran, Alpha
  • Susan Nagle, Alpha
  • Faith Norwood, Alpha*
  • Hannah Underwood, Alpha
  • Emily Walker, Alpha
  • Mackenzie Williams, Alpha
  • Mary Wright, Alpha

Beta Chapter at Central Michigan University

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Delta Chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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Zeta Chapter at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

  • Danielle Arocho, Zeta
  • Kylie Bowes, Zeta
  • Skyler Dunham, Zeta
  • Jessica Dunkleberger, Zeta
  • Courtney Evans, Zeta*
  • Kaitlyn Rice, Zeta
  • Denise Schultz, Zeta
  • Hannah Scott, Zeta
  • Caitlin Sworin, Zeta

Omicron Chapter at Concord University

  • Tori Shinn, Omicron
  • Skye Stark, Omicron
  • Ashley Tinnel, Omicron
  • Rebekah Weaver, Omicron

Rho Chapter at Southeastern Oklahoma State University

  • Breanna Carswell, Rho
  • Mary Cobb, Rho
  • Allie Davis, Rho
  • Lauren Greenlee, Rho
  • Zoe Reed, Rho

Sigma Chapter at SUNY Buffalo State

  • Mackenzie Elliott, Sigma
  • Lauren Reczek, Sigma

Zeta Tau Chapter at Longwood University

  • Lauren Atkins, Zeta Tau
  • Natasha Blain, Zeta Tau
  • Naomi Cary, Zeta Tau
  • Isabella Corbo, Zeta Tau
  • Molly Farthing, Zeta Tau*
  • Tiffany Hunter, Zeta Tau
  • Sara Kendle, Zeta Tau
  • Taylor Lawler, Zeta Tau

Upsilon Chapter at University of Central Arkansas

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Phi Chapter at Southeastern Louisiana University

  • Krista Achor, Phi
  • Desiree Acosta, Phi
  • Ivy Ainsworth, Phi
  • Dawn DuPont, Phi
  • Kelsey Felton, Phi
  • Morgan Foret, Phi
  • Hannah Fork, Phi
  • Savannah Hathaway, Phi
  • Melanie Marino, Phi
  • Alexandra Mashon, Phi
  • Samantha Messina, Phi
  • Allison Mims, Phi
  • Samantha O’Neill, Phi
  • Luisa Ramirez, Phi
  • Kaitlyn Scuderi, Phi
  • Haley Todd, Phi

Chi Chapter at Shepherd University

  • Taylor Angle, Chi
  • Ally Brunelle, Chi
  • Faith Durment, Chi
  • Isabella Edler, Chi
  • Jamie Friedel, Chi
  • Miranda Godfrey, Chi*
  • Emily Grabill, Chi
  • Emily Kane, Chi
  • Mickayla Keith, Chi
  • Alaina McDonald, Chi
  • Shelby McTighe, Chi
  • Samantha Mellott, Chi*

Psi Chapter at James Madison University

  • Alex Bell, Psi*
  • Keely Bennett, Psi*
  • Marie Gilbert, Psi*
  • Jackie Wagner, Psi*

Alpha Gamma Chapter at Henderson State University

  • Summer Revels, Alpha Gamma
  • Bekah Smith, Alpha Gamma
  • Jennifer Stephens, Alpha Gamma*

Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Western Illinois University

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Alpha Lambda Chapter at Radford University

  • Lexi Phonasa, Alpha Lambda*

Alpha Xi Chapter at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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Alpha Pi Chapter at Slipper Rock University of Pennsylvania

  • Tiffany Corvino, Alpha Pi
  • Tia Maxwell, Alpha Pi
  • Sarah Olender, Alpha Pi
  • Stephanie Piazza, Alpha Pi*
  • Olivia Zamiroski, Alpha Pi

Alpha Tau Chapter at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

  • Alexis Cote, Alpha Tau

Alpha Phi Chapter at West Chester University of Pennsylvania

  • Katie Bamberski, Alpha Phi

Alpha Psi Chapter at University of Northern Iowa

  • Morgan Bear, Alpha Psi
  • Kaylee Clemens, Alpha Psi*
  • Sydney Downing, Alpha Psi
  • Katelyn Hoenig, Alpha Psi
  • Lexi Hurt-Schmitt
  • Emily Janett, Alpha Psi
  • Courtney Klein, Alpha Psi
  • Shannon O’Brien, Alpha Psi
  • Angel Peterson, Alpha Psi*
  • Kylie Phillips, Alpha Psi
  • Natalie Ross, Alpha Psi
  • Audrey Skoog, Alpha Psi
  • Mackenzie St. Germain, Alpha Psi
  • Kay Switzer, Alpha Psi
  • Alissa Wade, Alpha Psi
  • Isabella Wernholm, Alpha Psi

Beta Delta Chapter at Duquesne University

  • Jenna Gallipoli, Beta Delta
  • Sydney Monaco, Beta Delta*
  • Eleanor Surhoff, Beta Delta
  • Rachel Todd, Beta Delta
  • McKenzie Trader, Beta Delta

Beta Epsilon Chapter at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

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Beta Eta Chapter at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville

  • Taylor Bosch, Beta Eta
  • Kameron Byrd, Beta Eta
  • Bridgette Connolly, Beta Eta
  • Myah Herbord, Beta Eta
  • Kylie Heruth, Beta Eta
  • Taylor Isaak, Beta Eta
  • Kayla Mabrey, Beta Eta
  • Devin McCann, Beta Eta
  • Rachel Rau, Beta Eta
  • Abbi Senger, Beta Eta*, in Memory of Emma Caserotti, Beta Eta
  • Ally Watson, Beta Eta, in Memory of Emma Caserotti, Beta Eta
  • Kelly Wrap, Beta Eta

Beta Theta Chapter at St. Mary’s University

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Beta Iota Chapter at Millersville University of Pennsylvania

  • Olivia Stoner, Beta Iota

Beta Mu Chapter at Salisbury University

  • Kimberly Brown, Beta Mu

Beta Nu Chapter at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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Beta Xi Chapter at Michigan Technological University

  • Cece Attwell, Beta Xi
  • Rachel Clayton, Beta Xi
  • Sarah Craig, Beta Xi
  • Morgan Farrell, Beta Xi
  • Hannah Getschman, Beta Xi
  • Natalie Green, Beta Xi
  • Adeline Hummel, Beta Xi*
  • Stephanie O’Neill, Beta Xi
  • Abigail Payne, Beta Xi
  • Emma Reilly, Beta Xi
  • Alana Young, Beta Xi

Beta Pi Chapter at Eastern Illinois University

  • Nora Kollar, Beta Pi
  • Nicole Wheatley, Beta Pi

Beta Rho Chapter at Arkansas Tech University

  • Nikala Bacon, Beta Rho*
  • Addison Beckham, Beta Rho
  • Charley Chesney, Beta Rho

Beta Tau Chapter at University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Beta Upsilon Chapter at New Jersey Institute of Technology

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Beta Phi Chapter at California University of Pennsylvania

  • Madison Ansell, Beta Phi
  • Morgan Hacker, Beta Phi
  • Angel Hart Funk, Beta Phi*
  • Tori Hanni, Beta Phi
  • Samantha Middlemiss, Beta Phi
  • Hannah Romagnoli, Beta Phi

Beta Chi Chapter at Ferris State University

  • Sarah Robinson, Beta Chi

Beta Omega Chapter at Monmouth University

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Gamma Gamma Chapter at University of West Alabama

  • Sutherlyn Clifford, Gamma Gamma
  • Sarah Coffey, Gamma Gamma
  • Autumn Daniel, Gamma Gamma
  • Tamara Fulgham, Gamma Gamma
  • Alyssa Suddith, Gamma Gamma*
  • Morgan Thrash, Gamma Gamma*

Gamma Delta Chapter at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  • Leah Orlinsky, Gamma Delta
  • Jess Silva, Gamma Delta

Gamma Epsilon Chapter at SUNY Potsdam

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Gamma Zeta Chapter at Frostburg State University

  • Ashley Darby, Gamma Zeta
  • Taylor Dukeman, Gamma Zeta
  • Maura Dzambo, Gamma Zeta
  • Alexis Juergens, Gamma Zeta
  • Rebecca Patterson, Gamma Zeta
  • Sarah Polkabla, Gamma Zeta*
  • Mairade Ronning, Gamma Zeta
  • Mekai Smedley, Gamma Zeta

Gamma Theta Chapter at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

  • Alison Bastian, Gamma Theta
  • Alicia Matos, Gamma Theta
  • Gretchen Shaffer, Gamma Theta
  • Lizzy Young, Gamma Theta

Gamma Lambda Chapter at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

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Gamma Mu Chapter at West Virginia University Institute of Technology

  • Geneva Hutchison, Gamma Mu

Gamma Xi Chapter at Grand Valley State University

  • Casey Blashill, Gamma Xi
  • Madison Brooks, Gamma Xi
  • Audrey McKay, Gamma Xi
  • Olivia Neuhaus, Gamma Xi
  • Andrea Price, Gamma Xi*
  • Julianna Rozek, Gamma Xi
  • Natalie Whitmer, Gamma Xi

Gamma Pi Chapter at Lycoming College

  • Samantha Barrett, Gamma Pi
  • Megan Goodrich, Gamma Pi
  • Morgan Valle, Gamma Pi

Gamma Rho Chapter at Seton Hall University

  • Amanda Barba, Gamma Rho
  • Kaitlynn Bunch, Gamma Rho
  • Kiah Conway, Gamma Rho
  • Alexandria Czeslowski, Gamma Rho
  • Stefanie DiPaolo, Gamma Rho
  • Alexandra Leicht, Gamma Rho
  • Kaitlyn Mangano, Gamma Rho
  • Rebecca Marcinko, Gamma Rho
  • Nicole Phillips, Gamma Rho
  • Jazmine Piperato, Gamma Rho
  • Eliza Rodrigues, Gamma Rho
  • Cat Rubens, Gamma Rho
  • Brittany Setaro, Gamma Rho
  • Amanda Shute, Gamma Rho
  • Alex Urbanski, Gamma Rho*
  • Alyssa Wenstrom, Gamma Rho

Gamma Tau Chapter at Lebanon Valley College

  • Lauren Fleming, Gamma Tau
  • Haley Groesbeck, Gamma Rau
  • Emily Kissinger, Gamma Tau
  • Brianna Metsger, Gamma Tau*
  • Holly Mitman, Gamma Tau*
  • Bethany Wickham, Gamma Tau

Gamma Upsilon Chapter at California State University, Los Angeles

  • Desiree Caro, Gamma Upsilon
  • Karen Millan, Gamma Upsilon
  • Natalee Palma, Gamma Upsilon
  • Bianey Sanchez, Gamma Upsilon
  • Ashley Schroeder, Gamma Upsilon
  • India Warren, Gamma Upsilon

Gamma Psi Chapter at Fitchburg State University

  • Emma Murphy, Gamma Psi
  • Samantha Rosa, Gamma Psi

Gamma Omega Chapter at La Salle University

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Delta Alpha Chapter at Gannon University

  • Alicia Gordon, Delta Alpha
  • Alexis Huff, Delta Alpha
  • Hannah Kaltenbaugh, Delta Alpha
  • Lea Richir, Delta Alpha
  • Mallory Rodgers, Delta Alpha
  • Katelynn Schooley, Delta Alpha

Delta Beta Chapter at Fairmont State University

  • Taylor Crawford, Delta Beta
  • HayLee Dalton, Delta Beta*
  • Raychel Fitzwater, Delta Beta
  • Jai’Ehir Jackson, Delta Beta

Delta Delta Chapter at University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Annabel Clodius, Delta Delta
  • Maria Garcia, Delta Delta

Delta Epsilon Chapter at Marist College

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Delta Zeta Chapter at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

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Delta Eta Chapter at Belmont University

  • Madison Bounds, Delta Eta*
  • Kendall Gary, Delta Eta
  • Cynthia Klauber, Delta Eta
  • Sheridan Spiess, Delta Eta

Delta Theta Chapter at Moravian College

  • Emily Bevans, Delta Theta
  • Kristy Harrison, Delta Theta, in Memory of Olivia Noel, Delta Theta

Delta Iota Chapter at Providence Campus of Johnson & Wales University

  • Emma Hunt, Delta Iota

Delta Mu Chapter at Cumberland University

  • Morgan Stuckey, Delta Mu

Delta Nu Chapter at Beloit College

  • Claudette Breaux, Delta Nu
  • Natalie Gallagher, Delta Nu
  • Gillian Keller, Delta Nu
  • Nicholas Meersman, Delta Nu
  • Leanna Miller, Delta Nu
  • Molly Pohlman, Delta Nu
  • Katelynn Sinclair, Delta Nu
  • Heather Warner, Delta Nu

Delta Pi Chapter at Oglethorpe University

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Delta Rho Chapter at Chowan University

  • Tiffany Cox, Delta Rho*
  • Danielle Henry, Delta Rho
  • Heather Lowman, Delta Rho
  • Amber Smaltz, Delta Rho
  • Shataya Titus, Delta Rho

Delta Sigma Chapter at University of the Sciences

Be the first from your chapter to join!

Delta Tau Chapter at Oakland University

  • Veronica Brosky, Delta Tau
  • Kala Cousineau, Delta Tau
  • Samantha Deckard, Delta Tau*
  • Karina Farias, Delta Tau
  • Alexandra Hatala, Delta Tau
  • Andrea Kumm, Delta Tau
  • Marissa Smith, Delta Tau
  • Shelby VanOphem, Delta Tau

Delta Upsilon Chapter at Saint Leo University

  • Jackie Albert, Delta Upsilon*

Delta Phi Chapter at New York University

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Delta Psi Chapter at Denver Campus of Johnson & Wales University

  • Kari LaRonde, Delta Psi

Delta Omega Chapter at Penn State Altoona

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Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • Olivia Bosma, Epsilon Alpha
  • Hannah Bryner, Epsilon Alpha
  • Taylor Catenacci, Epsilon Alpha
  • Marianne Edmonds, Epsilon Alpha
  • Maria Obradovich, Epsilon Alpha
  • Madison Sartain, Epsilon Alpha

Epsilon Beta Chapter at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

  • Kaylee Appleton, Epsilon Beta*
  • Dennise Hernandez, Epsilon Beta
  • Sara Velasco, Epsilon Beta*

Epsilon Gamma Chapter at Armstrong State University

  • Ellisa Davis, Epsilon Gamma
  • Christina Galbreath, Epsilon Gamma
  • Megan Hill, Epsilon Gamma
  • Courtney Felton, Epsilon Gamma
  • Jakeline Salas, Epsilon Gamma
  • Nikki Vatistas, Epsilon Gamma

Epsilon Delta Chapter at Rogers State University

  • Madison Glisson, Epsilon Delta

Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at North Miami Campus of Johnson & Wales University

  • Linaya Clarke, Epsilon Epsilon
  • Erica Lombardo, Epsilon Epsilon
  • Isabel Raese, Epsilon Epsilon

Epsilon Zeta Chapter at University of Virginia’s College at Wise

Be the first from your chapter to join!

Epsilon Eta Chapter at University of the Incarnate Word

  • Dora Cantu, Epsilon Eta*
  • Kimberly Feucht, Epsilon Eta
  • Diamond Hernandez, Epsilon Eta
  • Savanna Juarez, Epsilon Eta
  • DevendraMae Leonard, Epsilon Eta

Epsilon Theta Chapter at Fairleigh Dickinson University

  • Maria Van Tine, Epsilon Theta

Epsilon Iota Chapter at New York Institute of Technology

  • J.V. Aine, Epsilon Iota
  • Alicia Draus, Epsilon Iota
  • Aryana Lea, Epsilon Iota
  • Diana Lopez, Epsilon Iota
  • Tiara Nurse, Epsilon Iota
  • Belinda Silverne, Epsilon Iota
  • Fernanda Tovar, Epsilon Iota*

Epsilon Kappa Chapter at Trine University

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Epsilon Lambda Chapter at Indiana University South Bend

  • Catherine Conlin, Epsilon Lambda
  • Tia Romig, Epsilon Lambda
  • Janyelle Wiltfong, Epsilon Lambda

Epsilon Mu Chapter at SUNY University at Buffalo

  • Claudia Vazquez, Epsilon Mu

Epsilon Nu Chapter at McDaniel College

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Epsilon Xi Chapter at Gustavus Adolphus College

  • Sarah Bale, Epsilon Xi
  • Kiersten Bredeson, Epsilon Xi
  • Laura Hardekopf, Epsilon Xi*
  • Bailey Krumwiede, Epsilon Xi*
  • Kelsie Undem, Epsilon Xi

Epsilon Omicron Chapter at University of Southern Indiana

  • Madison Hays, Epsilon Omicron*, in Memory of Emma Caserotti, Beta Eta
  • Allison Meyer, Epsilon Omicron
  • Kennedy Salts, Epsilon Omicron

Epsilon Pi Chapter at Rhode Island College

  • Heather Chenot, Epsilon Pi
  • Kelly Fitzgerald, Epsilon Pi
  • Megan Gratta, Epsilon Pi
  • Kristen Huetteman, Epsilon Pi
  • Elisabeth Radwan, Epsilon Pi

Epsilon Rho Chapter at SUNY Geneseo

Be the first from your chapter to join!

Epsilon Sigma Chapter at Bridgewater State University

  • Courtney Canale, Epsilon Sigma
  • Jamey Cullinan, Epsilon Sigma
  • Haylee DeLuca, Epsilon Sigma
  • Callie Desmarais, Epsilon Sigma
  • Megan Eckelberger, Epsilon Sigma
  • Stephanie Garcia, Epsilon Sigma
  • Kelly Gately, Epsilon Sigma
  • Laura Green, Epsilon Sigma*
  • Melissa Guimond, Epsilon Sigma
  • Lauren Kern, Epsilon Sigma
  • Sara LoChirco, Epsilon Sigma
  • Rachel Mann, Epsilon Sigma
  • Shira Pascal, Epsilon Sigma
  • Monica Ryan, Epsilon Sigma
  • Kassie Sweatt, Epsilon Sigma
  • Sidney Tuttle, Epsilon Sigma

Epsilon Tau Chapter at Kenyon College

  • Erin Donnelly, Epsilon Tau
  • Kate LeMon, Epsilon Tau
  • Julia Muse, Epsilon Tau
  • Gabriella Must, Epsilon Tau
  • Eva Warren, Epsilon Tau*

Epsilon Upsilon at Dalton State College

  • Briana Cedillo, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Isabelle Arnwine Langford, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Briana Langley, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Ashley Langston, Epsilon Upsilon*
  • Alanna Lanier, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Anna Nelson, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Carolina Oyola-Rodriguez, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Lauren Pippin, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Alexis Whitfield, Epsilon Upsilon

Epsilon Phi Chapter at Winona State University

  • Rene Beaird, Epsilon Phi
  • Rachel Guelker, Epsilon Phi
  • Kaylin Hardwig, Epsilon Phi*
  • Rochelle Hovde, Epsilon Phi
  • Samantha Husnik, Epsilon Phi
  • Abbey Johnson, Epsilon Phi
  • Emily Johnson, Epsilon Phi
  • Jasmin Kotek, Epsilon Phi
  • Emily Mensing, Epsilon Phi
  • Brianna Murphy, Epsilon Phi
  • Ashlee Newhart, Epsilon Phi
  • Nina Pelletier, Epsilon Phi
  • Riley Poling, Epsilon Phi
  • Emily Prange, Epsilon Phi
  • Jocelyn Puhl, Epsilon Phi
  • Nina Quist, Epsilon Phi
  • Alyssa Reese, Epsilon Phi
  • Mary Rooney, Epsilon Phi
  • Nicole Ruhland, Epsilon Phi
  • Madison Williams, Epsilon Phi
  • Makayla Wodarz, Epsilon Phi

Epsilon Chi Chapter at University of Minnesota Duluth

  • Sadie Boeckel, Epsilon Chi
  • Katie Drake, Epsilon Chi
  • Erika Fahrmann, Epsilon Chi
  • Emily Fassbender, Epsilon Chi
  • Jana Jacobson, Epsilon Chi
  • Haley Jordahl, Epsilon Chi
  • Katie Konzen, Epsilon Chi
  • Jocelyn Lensing, Epsilon Chi
  • Emily Lind, Epsilon Chi
  • Salena Math, Epsilon Chi
  • Jaylen Miller, Epsilon Chi
  • Alexis Munter, Epsilon Chi
  • Abigail Pinor, Epsilon Chi
  • Victoria Prasek, Epsilon Chi*
  • Tiffany Ritzer, Epsilon Chi
  • Sirianna Traynor, Epsilon Chi
  • Lexi Tschida, Epsilon Chi
  • Gabrelle Wanke, Epsilon Chi

Epsilon Psi Chapter at Rowan University

  • Jillian Giacobbe, Epsilon Psi
  • Kaitlyn Gilmartin, Epsilon Psi
  • Devon Goetze, Epsilon Psi*
  • Renee Larson, Epsilon Psi
  • Joanna Soyring, Epsilon Psi
  • Marie McKee, Epsilon Psi

*1899 Society Collegiate Ambassador