1899 Society for Collegiate Giving

We are pleased to offer the 1899 Society, an exclusive giving society for collegiate members donating $18.99 or more within a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) to the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation. Your gift to the 1899 Society demonstrates your commitment to empowering your fellow Sisters and growing the future for Alpha Sigma Tau.

Your contribution is tax-deductible and supports the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that offers scholarships to members and provides financial support for many of the Sorority’s educational programs.

As a member of the 1899 Society you will receive one of four annual colored anchor Badge dangles (one per year) with the opportunity to collect all four colors over four years. Dangles will be distributed on-site at national events or mailed to your preferred address within one month from your contribution. The dangle for January 1 – December 31, 2017 is the green anchor pictured below, with the 2018-2020 colors following accordingly.

In addition to the dangle, members of the 1899 Society will also receive recognition on the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority website, name tag ribbon recognition at national events, and the personal satisfaction of supporting an organization that is positively impacting the lives of you and your Sisters.

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2017 Donor Recognition (rolling)

The Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation is pleased to recognize the following collegians as members of the 1899 Society for calendar year 2017. Collegiate giving is integral to the success of our organization, and your generosity is truly appreciated. Thank you!

 Please Note: This list is considered “rolling” until the end of the calendar year and will be updated on a monthly basis.

  • Desiree Acosta, Phi
  • J.V. Aine, Epsilon Iota
  • Madison Ansell, Beta Phi
  • Kaylee Appleton, Epsilon Beta
  • Lauren Atkins, Zeta Tau
  • Cece Attwell, Beta Xi
  • Nikala Bacon, Beta Rho
  • Katie Bamberski, Alpha Phi
  • Alison Bastian, Gamma Theta
  • Emily Bevans, Delta Theta
  • Casey Blashill, Gamma Xi
  • Taylor Bosch, Beta Eta
  • Olivia Bosma, Epsilon Alpha
  • Kiersten Bredeson, Epsilon Xi
  • Ally Brunelle, Chi
  • Hannah Bryner, Epsilon Alpha
  • Desiree Caro, Gamma Upsilon
  • Breanna Carswell, Rho
  • Naomi Cary, Zeta Tau
  • Heather Chenot, Epsilon Pi
  • Linaya Clarke, Epsilon Epsilon
  • Kaylee Clemens, Alpha Psi
  • Mary Cobb, Rho
  • Sarah Coffey, Gamma Gamma
  • Catherine Conlin, Epsilon Lambda
  • Tiffany Corvino, Alpha Pi
  • Tiffany Cox, Delta Rho
  • Taylor Crawford, Delta Beta
  • Jamey Cullinan, Epsilon Sigma
  • Autumn Daniel, Gamma Gamma
  • Ellisa Davis, Epsilon Gamma
  • Haylee DeLuca, Epsilon Sigma
  • Kayla DeLuca, Gamma Psi
  • Stefanie DiPaolo, Gamma Rho
  • Skyler Dunham, Zeta
  • Marianne Edmonds, Epsilon Alpha
  • Mackenzie Elliott, Sigma
  • Courtney Evans, Zeta
  • Molly Farthing, Zeta Tau
  • Raychel Fitzwater, Delta Beta
  • Jenna Gallipoli, Beta Delta
  • Hannah Getschman, Beta Xi
  • Kaitlyn Gilmartin, Epsilon Psi
  • Miranda Godfrey, Chi
  • Megan Goodrich, Gamma Pi
  • Melissa Guimond, Epsilon Sigma
  • Tori Hanni, Beta Phi
  • Laura Hardekopf, Epsilon Xi
  • Kaylin Hardwig, Epsilon Phi
  • Kristy Harrison, Delta Theta, in Memory of Olivia Noel, Delta Theta
  • Madison Hays, Epsilon Omicron, in Memory of Emma Caserotti, Beta Eta
  • Danielle Henry, Delta Rho
  • Diamond Hernandez, Epsilon Eta
  • Megan Hill, Epsilon Gamma
  • Jai’Ehir Jackson, Delta Beta
  • Savanna Juarez, Epsilon Eta
  • Emily Kane, Chi
  • Lauren Kern, Epsilon Sigma
  • Nora Kollar, Beta Pi
  • Ashley Langston, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Kari LaRonde, Delta Psi
  • Becca Ledwick, Alpha
  • Tia Maxwell, Alpha Pi
  • Samantha Mellott, Chi
  • Katey Meredith, Alpha
  • Holly Mitman, Gamma Tau
  • Emma Murphy, Gamma Psi
  • Ashlee Newhart, Epsilon Phi
  • Maria Obradovich, Epsilon Alpha
  • Allika Peeler-Bagley, Epsilon Upsilon
  • Angel Peterson, Alpha Psi
  • Stephanie Piazza, Alpha Pi
  • Sarah Polkabla, Gamma Zeta
  • Victoria Prasek, Epsilon Chi
  • Elisabeth Radwan, Epsilon Pi
  • Isabel Raese, Epsilon Epsilon
  • Zoe Reed, Rho
  • Summer Revels, Alpha Gamma
  • Hannah Romagnoli, Beta Phi
  • Tia Romig, Epsilon Lambda
  • Samantha Rosa, Gamma Psi
  • Jakeline Salas, Epsilon Gamma
  • Gretchen Shaffer, Gamma Theta
  • Tori Shinn, Omicron
  • Jess Silva, Gamma Delta
  • Amber Smaltz, Delta Rho
  • Skye Stark, Omicron
  • Jennifer Stephens, Alpha Gamma
  • Olivia Stoner, Beta Iota
  • Alyssa Suddith, Gamma Gamma
  • Morgan Thrash, Gamma Gamma
  • Shataya Titus, Delta Rho
  • Rachel Todd, Beta Delta
  • McKenzie Trader, Beta Delta
  • Kelsie Undem, Epsilon Xi
  • Alex Urbanski, Gamma Rho
  • Morgan Valle, Gamma Pi
  • Maria Van Tine, Epsilon Theta
  • Nikki Vatistas, Epsilon Gamma
  • Claudia Vazquez, Epsilon Mu
  • Sara Velasco, Epsilon Beta
  • Janyelle Wiltfong, Epsilon Lambda
  • Lizzy Young, Gamma Theta
  • Olivia Zamiroski, Alpha Pi