Who Should Attend

All Alpha Sigma Tau members are welcome and encouraged to register and attend Convention.

Special event packages will also be available for all Alpha Sigma Taus and their guests for the Yellow Rose Banquet and educational programming.


Each collegiate chapter is expected to register one collegiate delegate, one collegiate alternate delegate, and one Chapter Advisory Board delegate. Each collegiate chapter is expected to send one delegate and one alternate delegate. Typically, Chapter Presidents serve as the delegate and another Executive Committee officer serves as the alternate delegate. Additionally, Chapter Advisory Boards usually select the Chapter Advisor to represent the CAB.

Alumnae chapters/associations are encouraged to send a delegate and alternate delegate. Chapters/associations must be in good standing to vote during general sessions.

Organizational Leaders

National Officers, Past National Presidents, and Standing Committee Chairs.

Volunteer Personnel

Chapter Advisory Board members, committee members, and other national volunteers. All Chapter Advisory Board members and national volunteers can serve as Convention delegates.

Aspiring Organizational Leaders

Anyone who wishes to lead the National Organization in the future.