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National Ritual Celebration Week and International Badge Day 2013

Posted on by Alpha Sigma Tau

National Ritual Celebration Week will be celebrated March 3 – 9, 2013. Alpha Sigma Tau members can participate in on-line discussions via the Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority Facebook page and via Twitter by using the hashtag #NRCW. A variety of Ritual resources have been posted to Alpha Sigma Tau’s Officer Portal to enhance collegiate chapter’s celebration efforts. Included below is a list of discussion topics and questions to be utilized by Alpha Sigma Tau members.

International Badge Day will be celebrated March 4, 2013. Alpha Sigma Tau members can celebrate by wearing badge attire and by sharing photographs of themselves or chapter members wearing their badges via social media. The Twitter hashtag for International Badge Day is #badgeday13.

Alpha Sigma Tau continues to support raising awareness of the importance of Ritual and allows members to reflect personally on Alpha Sigma Tau’s Ritual and what it means to live by one’s commitment.

Discussion Topics and Questions

The following discussion topics and questions can be used at a chapter retreat, during a membership growth and development program, or even after a Ritual service. The questions can be adapted to each chapter or discussion.

  1. What is Ritual?
  2. Who is responsible for Ritual in the chapter?
  3. Why do you think our Founders wanted to have a Ritual?
  4. What does having a Ritual mean to you?
  5. What does having a Ritual mean to our organization?
  6. What do you do each day to include our organization’s Ritual in your daily life?
  7. Why do you think it is difficult for some members in our chapter to live by our Creed/Oath/Ritual?
  8. What does it mean to be a values-based organization?
  9. How does our chapter demonstrate to others that we are a values-based organization?
  10. What should our chapter do to be a values-based organization?


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