National Vice President (Alumna) Candidate Application

Please complete the form below in its entirety. In addition, upload a current CV/Resume with your education history, work experience, awards/honors, and relevant volunteer experience. Applicants must also upload a cover letter. This cover letter may be 1-3 pages in length and address your understanding of one of Alpha Sigma Tau’s four strategic areas of focus and related goals: Alumnae Engagement and Involvement, Growth and Extension, Marketing and Communications, or Philanthropy. Candidates should identify characteristics of a strategic thinker and provide specific examples of how they engage in strategic thinking as related to the selected strategic area of focus and related goals.

Provide two references who can speak to your leadership and thinking skills.

After a complete application is submitted, selected applicants will be contacted to set up a virtual interview. The interview will include a series of questions to gauge the applicant’s ability, thought processes, and strategic leadership skills for Alpha Sigma Tau.

Application Deadline:

August 4, 2017

*The successful candidate should be available to travel to the November 9-12, 2017, National Council meeting.

Please Note:

Alpha Sigma Tau reserves the right to contact all of the listed references and the information given will be shared with the entire National Council.

Be aware that the Council will destroy, to the best of our ability, any materials submitted by references at the close of the process.

Your application will not be considered until good standing is verified. Candidates must be in financial and behavioral good standing and not on Probation.

Your application will not be considered until current dues payment has been verified. Applicants may make their alumnae dues payment ($40) by:

  • Using the “Member Login” link at the top of this page, log in to AΣT Connect, Alpha Sigma Tau’s secure web portal for members. Then click “Alumnae Dues,” select the dues option for the year you want to pay (2017-2018), and complete the payment information at the bottom of the page.
  • Or download, complete, and mail the Alumnae Dues Mail-in Form, along with a check for your dues payment.

Application Form: