Chances to Grow

How One Chapter Advisor Draws on Her AΣT Past to Serve Today

Katie Chung, Gamma Rho (Seton Hall University)

Katie Chung isn’t afraid of a challenge. So when the opportunity to serve as Chapter Advisor for Epsilon Iota came, she jumped in – despite the additional rigors of also being in nursing school and holding two jobs.

“I admit it was a bit scary at first,” she recalls. “Epsilon Iota wasn’t my collegiate chapter. I didn’t know anyone. Sometimes you just have to overcome your fears. All you need is 30 seconds of bravery.”

To help ease into her new role, Katie drew on her collegiate experiences recruiting for Gamma Rho. “As an Alpha Sigma Tau in college, I learned how to talk to people,” she says. “I learned how to connect with new people and make a positive impact.”

Katie continues to draw on her collegiate experiences in her role as Chapter Advisor. “As a collegian, I learned about myself and how to excel as a woman leader,” she says. “At first, I worried that I would lose access to that learning when I graduated. But being involved with a local chapter allows me to keep learning and growing. I can also help younger woman grow in the same way because I have been where they are. I love it.”

What would Katie say to someone considering serving on a Chapter Advisory Board? “Just do it,” she says. “There’s a lot of chapters that need your ideas and support. It’s a great opportunity to lead, serve, and stay connected to your Sisters across the country.”

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