Empowering Women

How One Chapter Advisor Instills the Skills to Navigate Life

Carol Petrelius, Beta Xi (Michigan Technological University)

For Carol Petrelius, being on a Chapter Advisory Board means helping young women successfully bridge college with life after graduation. She serves as Chapter Advisor for Beta Xi.

“The collegians always roll their eyes when I say this, but college is not the ‘real’ world,” Carol says. “Life after college is very different. But, that’s OK. That’s what college is for – teaching you how to navigate life.”

Carol believes that being an Alpha Sigma Tau can play a huge role in preparing women to thrive.

“College is a time where young people can learn and grow in a safe environment,” she says. “It’s a real learning opportunity. A lot of times, I stand back and let them handle things. I offer guidance and support when they need it, and help them learn from both their successes and setbacks.”

It is important that collegians choose to be involved and take advantage of their membership.

“Sisters can make the most of this opportunity and learn something,” she explains. “It’s important to get involved and do something beyond being a regular member. If you want to put Alpha Sigma Tau on your resume, then you should be able to back that up and explain to others what you accomplished. That’s what makes the experience so valuable. There’s so many opportunities – it’s almost limitless!”

Carol would encourage any Alpha Sigma Tau to join a Chapter Advisory Board. “It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done,” she says fondly. “To play even the smallest role in these women’s lives feels really good.”

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