Recruiting the Best

How One Recruitment Advisor Helps Her Chapter Grow

Samantha Gavlas, Alpha (Eastern Michigan University)

Samantha Gavlas is eager to welcome as many excellent women as possible into the Alpha Sigma Tau Sisterhood. In fact, it is what drives her to serve as Recruitment Advisor for the Alpha Chapter at her alma mater.

“When I was a collegian, I led Alpha’s recruitment efforts,” Samantha recalls. “We didn’t have a Recruitment Advisor then, so it was very challenging. So when the opportunity to serve in that regard as an alumna came, it felt like a calling to me.”

As a Recruitment Advisor, the women of the Alpha Chapter rely on Samantha to successfully guide them through the process. She draws on her own experience with not only recruitment, but as an Alpha alumna as well.

“Because the Alpha Chapter is so close to me, I am familiar with the culture.” she says. “I’ve been there. I can give advice about what’s worked in the past and what can be successful now. I love working with the recruitment team! It’s very rewarding to watch these women grow as leaders.”

Samantha’s ultimate aim is to see women who embody Alpha Sigma Tau’s core values join the Sorority – either at Alpha or any other chapter.

“The goal is quality and quantity,” she says. “You want to keep the numbers up, but with the best possible women who meet our membership standards.”

If you’re considering serving on a Chapter Advisory Board, Samantha has one piece of advice for you. “Just do it,” she says. “It’s definitely a rewarding way to give back to the Sorority that has given so much to me.”

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