“Best Convention Ever!”

This past June, Alpha Sigma Taus from across the country gathered together to conduct Sorority business, grow together through educational programming, honor individual and chapter achievements, and (most importantly) have fun and celebrate our Sisterhood!


Report to the Membership Video

Alpha Sigma Tau was proud to unveil “Creating the Bonds of Sisterhood.” This exciting new video showcases the explosive growth of the Sorority in last few years, and shares where we’re going. Check it out!


National Convention is also a time to recognize individual and chapter achievements, and share in the pride we have for each other’s accomplishments. Awards were presented throughout Convention during the Panhellenic Luncheon, Recognition Brunch, and Yellow Rose Banquet.

Watch the Mary Charles Adams Ashby Convention Top Tau Award Video:

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Convention Campaign Update

Convention Campaign Update

The Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation’s 41st Convention Campaign served to celebrate our past, present, and future, including the incredible growth of the Sorority over the last two years.

Through the generous contributions of members and friends from chapters around the country, we are proud to announce that we exceeded our campaign goal and raised nearly $25,000 – a record-breaking campaign!

We look forward to sharing more in the coming months about the amazing impact these gifts are having on the Alpha Sigma Tau collegiate and alumnae experience. Thank you to all contributors for helping us empower women and grow the future for Alpha Sigma Tau!

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Wrap-up Issue of The Anchor

Thank Yous

Alpha Sigma Tau would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the following Sisters, friends, and supporters who helped make the 41st National Convention memorable:

2018 Convention

Mark your calendars!

The 42nd National Convention will take place June 21 – 24, 2018, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
We hope to see you there!

Taking Hotel Reservations in 2017

Pittsburgh Marriott City Center near Duquesne University

Past National Conventions

Alpha Sigma Tau holds a National Convention, typically every two years, to conduct Sorority business, provide an opportunity for members to connect, recognize chapter and individual achievement, and provide valuable educational and leadership training for its membership.

Below is a list of the locations of past Alpha Sigma Tau National Conventions.

  1.   Detroit, Michigan (1925)
  2.   Detroit, Michigan (1927)
  3.   Buffalo, New York (1929)
  4.   Denver, Colorado (1931)
  5.   Cleveland, Ohio (1934)
  6.   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1936)
  7.   St. Louis, Missouri (1939)
  8.   Cincinnati, Ohio (1946)
  9.   Detroit, Michigan (1949)
  10.   Chicago, Illinois (1952)
  11.   Roanoke, Virginia (1955)
  12.   Buffalo, New York (1958)
  13.   Washington, D.C. (1960)
  14.   St. Louis, Missouri (1962)
  15.   Detroit, Michigan (1964)
  16.   Cincinnati, Ohio (1966)
  17.   New Orleans, Louisiana (1968)
  18.   Toronto, Canada (1970)
  19.   Virginia Beach, Virginia (1972)
  20.   Detroit, Michigan (1974)
  21.   Birmingham, Alabama (1976)
  22.   Natural Bridge, Virginia (1978)
  23.   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1980)
  24.   Nashville, Tennessee (1982)
  25.   Washington, D.C. (1984)
  26.   St. Louis, Missouri (1986)
  27.   New Orleans, Louisiana (1988)
  28.   Richmond, Virginia (1990)
  29.   Tulsa, Oklahoma (1992)
  30.   Buffalo, New York (1994)
  31.   Phoenix, Arizona (1996)
  32.   Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, Michigan (1998)
  33.   Birmingham, Alabama (2000)
  34.   St. Louis, Missouri (2002)
  35.   Savannah, Georgia (2004)
  36.   Orlando, Florida (2006)
  37.   Chantilly, Virginia (2008)
  38.   Birmingham, Alabama (2010)
  39.   Indianapolis, Indiana (2012)
  40.   Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
  41.   Jacksonville, Florida (2016)

We all left Convention with the information and motivation we needed to execute and help our chapters succeed, but I also left with so much more. I left with encouragement, mentorship, Sisterhood, and connections. I left with my heart feeling full and my mind racing with ideas. I left with support from women – my Sisters – across the country
ready to jump the moment I need them most. And I left with one last thing…a defining moment in my life.

Alumna Brittani Fry
Beta Upsilon Chapter (New Jersey Institute of Technology)