Football, Fun, and Sisterhood

On October 7, alumnae Sisters from the Beta Zeta Chapter and the local Birmingham Alumnae Association hosted a tailgate prior to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Homecoming football game. It was a fun day full of games, music, food, and most importantly – Sisters!

We talked with four Sisters who attended. Here’s what they had to say.

What was your favorite part of the Homecoming Reunion?

Mary Howard, Beta Zeta and Birmingham Alumnae Association President: It was a great kick-off to our second year as an alumnae association. Having events like this was one of the reasons we formed an association in the first place – so Sisters could find each other and connect. Everyone had a lot of fun.

Lisa Lewis, Beta Zeta: I really liked getting together with everyone. I enjoyed seeing old friends, as well as meeting new Sisters. In addition to Beta Zeta alumnae, several Gamma Gamma Sisters who live in Birmingham and are part of the association stopped by.

Kathy Youngblood Yawn, Gamma Gamma: Everyone was so excited to be there together, gather around the picnic table, and reminisce. I joined Alpha Sigma Tau as a senior and missed a lot of the collegiate experience. So, I appreciate events like this where I can enjoy the company of my Sisters.

Courtney Lewis, Gamma Gamma and Association Social Media Chair: My favorite part was getting to meet new Sisters – people you don’t see at meetings. I didn’t know many Beta Zetas before this, but do now. I even met a Gamma Gamma Sister who only lives a few streets away from me!

How did you promote the reunion?

Mary Howard: We had a Facebook event that we could drive people to. We worked with the National Headquarters to send out postcards and email blasts to Beta Zeta alumnae. We knew that we had to reach out far and wide to bring everyone together.

Courtney Lewis, Gamma Gamma and Association Social Media Chair: Lots of Tweets and Facebook posts! We used social media to get the event out there so people could see it. We made numerous posts so we could hit as many people as possible. We wanted to connect with other chapters too, so we also extended invitations to the Gamma Gamma Chapter at the University of West Alabama.

Are you planning to do this again next year?

Mary Howard: Absolutely! We’d like to make this a yearly event. We have a set of events we plan to do every year – a 5K, Founders Day, Night to Reunite, and this.

What would you suggest to other chapters and associations who are considering an event like this?

Kathy Youngblood Yawn: Just do it! There is no substitute for getting together in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoying each other’s company.

Lisa Lewis: Go out and do it. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling getting to meet others!

Mary Howard: It’s definitely a team effort. Lots of people pitched in to help. A big shout-out to Kathy Youngblood Yawn. She is a UAB season ticket holder and generously let us use her tailgate space. Lots of other people played a big role too, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Photo: Allie Mills, Gamma Gamma; Jenna Lewis, Gamma Gamma; Connie Sprayberry, Beta Zeta; Mary Reid Howard, Beta Zeta; Lisa Lewis, Beta Zeta; Ashely Brown Beasley, Beta Zeta; Abby Carroll, Gamma Gamma; Cecelia Watts, Beta Zeta; Courtney Lewis, Gamma Gamma; Melissa Martin McCarthy, Beta Zeta; and Kathy Youngblood Yawn, Gamma Gamma