Making an Impact Against Hazing, Alcohol, and Sexual Violence

College is an exciting opportunity for to learn, develop friendships, and grow in a safe, supportive environment.

But college also has its risks and challenges that can get in the way of a happy, fulfilling experience. Issues like hazing, alcohol, and sexual violence are some of the biggest challenges facing today’s college women.

As a women’s organization, Alpha Sigma Tau is committed to empowering our members to make safe healthy choices for the sake of themselves, their Sisters, and their friends through innovative programs like GreekLifeEdu and Not Anymore.


Part of our new member education, GreekLifeEdu is an online prevention program that offers new members objective, research-based courses that address the critical issues of alcohol awareness, sexual assault, and hazing.

Key impacts after completing GreekLifeEdu:

  • 90% of members said the course prepared them to help prevent an alcohol overdose.
  • 89% felt empowered to express discomfort when they see new members being mistreated.
  • 91% said GreekLifeEdu helped them make responsible decisions about engaging in sexual activity.

“During this program, I felt I was learning more about myself and how I can use the information I learned in real-life situations.”
– Laura Marra, Epsilon Rho (SUNY Geneseo)

Not Anymore

Not Anymore is an engaging online program designed to educate members on sexual assault and relationship violence. It uses honest and compelling video tutorials to educate members about consent, sexual assault, bystander intervention, and healthy relationships.

Key impacts after completing Not Anymore:

  • Average of 20% increase in knowledge of topics such as consent, bystander intervention, and dating violence.
  • 97% of members agreed that sexual assault is never the survivor’s fault.
  • 91% said that the program helped them better understand consent.
  • 92% said that the program helped them understand what a healthy relationship should be.
  • 93% said that Not Anymore helped them understand how to support survivors of sexual assault or dating violence.

“Since members of my chapter have completed Not Anymore, I’ve definitely seen a lot more support for each other. One example is when one of our Sisters looked like she was in a potentially bad situation with another student, and one of our Sisters safely got her out of it instead of leaving her to handle it on her own.”
– Jennifer Moriarty, Beta Mu (Salisbury University)

Learn more about GreekLifeEdu and Not Anymore.

Both GreekLifeEdu and Not Anymore are funded by the generous donations of members and friends to the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation. To learn more, please visit