5 Steps to Achieve Meaningful Goals

From the Gamma Iota Chapter

FullSizeR_SquareThe women of the Gamma Iota Chapter know a thing or two about achieving goals. A year ago, they made the deliberate decision to earn the ExCEL Series grant from York College of Pennsylvania’s Office of Student Activities & Orientation. Then they achieved it – for two semesters in a row (spring and fall 2016)!

The grant is awarded to the student organization that has the most members attend the campus’ ExCEL Series. Offered several times a semester, ExCEL features presentations and Q&As on leadership skills by accomplished campus, community, and national figures.

So how did they do it? We asked Allison Poltanis, Chapter President at the time, to share how Gamma Iota set and achieved their goal.

  1. Set an overarching accomplishment: “We wanted to be better represented on campus, and strengthen our presence as a student organization.”
  2. Create clear deliverables: “To help meet our accomplishment, we decided to do a very specific thing: have the best attendance at ExCEL.”
  3. Develop actionable steps: “This was our plan of action. We set expectations with members, communicated logistics, reinforced our message at meetings, and even co-hosted one of the ExCEL events with the campus.”
  4. Keep it up: “We kept promoting dates and events, even after we started. This kept our goal in front of everybody.”
  5. Celebrate success: “We announced the grant award at a chapter meeting. We got to share in the excitement together as Sisters!”

Gamma Iota will use the grant funds to attend Alpha Sigma Tau’s Officer Academy this June.

For more information on the ExCEL series, visit the York College of Pennsylvania’s website.

Congratulations, Gamma Iota!