One Alumna’s Advice: 8 Steps to Achieve Meaningful Goals

Beta Zeta alumna Mary Kat Yeatman – aka Coach Kat – knows a thing or two about achieving goals. She is an award-winning Certified Life Coach, Small Business Strategist, and Motivational Speaker who guides clients to reach their fullest potential.

“Whether it’s career, family, intimate relationships, personal satisfaction, or otherwise – seeing the bigger picture is important,” she says. “Creating a vision, overcoming obstacles, and defining a realistic plan can create a bridge between where you are now and the changes you want to make.”

Here, she shares her practiced tips for making goals that work.

  1. Focus on outcomes: “Dig deep and know what you specifically want to achieve and what the downside is of not achieving it. Once your why is understood (and it’s a good and enthusiastic why), you’re 90% there!”
  2. State outcomes in the positive: “Try saying, for example, I want healthy fingernails rather than I want to stop biting my nails.”
  3. Set targets: “Know what goal success looks like so you know when you have achieved it.”
  4. Align your goals with your values: “The more a goal aligns with your inner or core values, the easier it will be to achieve.”
  5. Identify obstacles: “Think about what you have to give up or stop doing to achieve your goal. Understand the price of making this change and ask yourself if you are willing to pay it.”
  6. Right-size your goals: “Don’t make your goal too easy or so hard that you can’t achieve it. Give yourself a reasonable goal range so you can’t fail to achieve!”
  7. Get moving: “Make a to-do list of what steps you need to take, and take them.”
  8. Give yourself a deadline: “Build a schedule and stick to it.”

To learn more about Coach Kat and her firm Coach Kat International, visit her website and follow her on Twitter.

For more information on Coach Kat’s approach, download her resource 21 Questions to Extraordinary Goal-Setting.