Our Team

Alpha Sigma Tau’s advancement depends on the time and talent of many individuals. From the National Council setting the Sorority’s strategy to Volunteer Personnel and Headquarters Staff carrying out the tactics to Chapter Advisory Board members ensuring a positive collegiate experience, the Sorority relies on this large team to provide our members with an enriching Alpha Sigma Tau experience.

National Council

This group of officers is elected by the membership at each Convention. The National Council sets the Sorority’s strategic direction.

Panhellenic Support Team

The Panhellenic Support Team volunteers support Panhellenic efforts at collegiate chapters, campuses, and nationally.

Volunteer Personnel

Volunteer Personnel are long-term volunteers whose service supports the operations of the Sorority.


Committees support the Sorority by executing strategic initiatives based on our core values.

Chapter Advisory Board Members

CAB members are a core component of our team volunteering on-the-ground at local collegiate chapters.

Headquarters Staff

The Headquarters Staff leads the Sorority in executing strategic initiatives.