Information for our Campus Partners

Updated March 11, 2020

To Our Campus Partners:

Thank you for what you are doing to keep your students and our members healthy and safe. We know the COVID-19 response is a complicated issue that has many of us pulled in different directions with limited resources. I know you didn’t need us interfering with the tasks ahead of you. As a result, we wanted to create space for you to know what Alpha Sigma Tau is doing to support our members and support our campus partner efforts.

We’ve dedicated these portions of our website to provide our members with the guidance they may need to navigate some of these issues through the lens of leaders and members of Alpha Sigma Tau. 

Our shared first priority is the health, safety, and well-being of all who are under our care. With that, we have directed our members to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and worked to amplify their messages. Second, we want to do our best to support our members’ emotional health through this time of uncertainty. We have encouraged members to seek out campus counseling services, if available, if they feel overwhelmed by all that is going on. We are also taking this time to promote Crisis Text Line for any members that may need de-escalation support. 

Last, we want to support our chapters with their operational questions and concerns. To do that we’ve tried our best to answer every question that might be asked by a member simply trying to make sense of what’s happening right now—whether related to global health issues directly impacting their Sisters or what to do about a scheduled date party. You can view all of our FAQs for chapters here.

We have made some suggestions for altered models of operations, but in every instance we are deferring to the institution’s guidelines for activities. We understand structured recruitment may be limited or suspended, but we are encouraging our members to stay connected to one another and fellow students through virtual means. One of our core values is Connections, and we turn to it now as much as ever to ensure our students have the support they need to carry on through this rapidly changing environment. 

If you have questions about any of our support efforts or feel something is missing that would be helpful, please feel free to reach out to our staff contacts working with our chapter on your campus or to me directly. 

Again, thank you for all you are doing to support your communities. We’re in this together and anything we can do to help support your efforts, please let us know. 

Thank you,

Jim Paponetti
Chief Executive Officer