Establish a Collegiate Chapter

Alpha Sigma Tau is committed to sharing our Sisterhood with excellent women at colleges and universities across the country. Alpha Sigma Tau strategically chooses where to pursue extension and colonization efforts, and only pursues opportunities where we know we can add value to the Panhellenic community.

We see the extension process as an opportunity to get to know your campus and learn about what our Sorority can bring to your campus community. If it’s a good fit, we’d welcome the chance to “make the case” for Alpha Sigma Tau!

Alpha Sigma Tau is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference, an umbrella organization of 26 women’s groups with guidelines for extending to a college campus. If you are interested in bringing a sorority to your campus, we invite you to learn more by visiting the National Panhellenic Conference website or emailing

Interested in bringing Alpha Sigma Tau to your campus?

Please contact Ashley Smith, Recruitment Specialist, at or 317-613-7573.

I knew Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority was going to be a great fit for our campus from the very beginning. The relationship was truly a partnership in every sense of the word. It’s hard to imagine our Panhellenic community without the outstanding women of Alpha Sigma Tau. In the modern day fraternity and sorority experience, clear expectations and shared commitment is what makes our communities successful. I found that the Alpha Sigma Tau Headquarters Staff and outstanding live-in consultant followed through on their word and created a meaningful opportunity for the women of our campus.

Maribeth Flakes
Associate Director, Student Involvement & Leadership (Bridgewater State University)