Donor Love Week Digital Thank You Card

Each day, collegiate Sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau benefit from the philanthropy of Foundation donors. Whether it’s through scholarships, knowledge or skills gained from critical educational programming like Not Anymore and GreekLifeEdu, a national event experience, or the opportunity to develop deeper levels of Sisterhood through Illuminate, Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation donors make it possible for our organization and its members to grow.

During our 2019 Donor Love Week (February 10-16), we asked members and friends to submit a message for a digital thank you card to celebrate the individuals who generously give back throughout the year.

Scroll down to see thank you messages organized by the member’s initiating chapter.

Alpha Chapter at Eastern Michigan University

Thank you to all the women who honor our initiation vows, by donating not only their time and talent, but their treasure, too! It’s important we give to an organization that’s given so much to us! —Sally Brancheau Belknap

Sharing success with an organization that continues to give back to Sisters even after graduation is why I give back to Alpha Sigma Tau. It’s through financial contributions and donations of time and talent that Alpha Sigma Tau can continue to do this. —Valerie Patton George ’00

Delta Chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

I appreciate each donor’s commitment to prioritizing educational opportunities for our Sisters through donations to the Foundation. Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters are lifelong learners, and our educational initiatives provide opportunities for continued growth for our Sisters and our Sorority! —Jennifer Kemmery ’95

Theta Chapter at Wayne State University

Thanks for supporting Alpha Sigma Tau and making it possible for more wonderful women to experience our Sisterhood. —Nadia Maddens ’75

Omicron Chapter at Concord University

Thanks to all of our donors, who graciously helped me receive a Foundation Scholarship when I was a collegiate member. Your generosity inspired me to become a donor as an alumna. —Melinda Hatfield ’11

Rho Chapter at Southeastern Oklahoma State University

My Rho Chapter Sisters are my foundation, but moving back to Pennsylvania over the years I have met other Alpha Tau Sisters who have helped me as much as I have helped them! Thank you all! —Kathleen Riemer Eberz ’69

Thank you to all my Sisters and friends of Alpha Sigma Tau who give tirelessly to help continue the legacy set forth so many years ago. I give today because it’s the right thing to do. Alpha Sigma Tau helped make me the woman I am today and I hope that young women across the country are able to join our ranks of Sisterhood for years to come. God bless. —Andrea Rogers Mersiovsky ’96

Sigma Chapter at SUNY Buffalo State

I thank Alpha Sigma Tau for bringing out my leadership abilities. —Nicole Ball ’98

Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have as a past Foundation scholarship recipient. It has provided me with the necessary support to continue my education and define excellence within my educational community. As a past 1899 Society and current alumnae donor, your contributions truly make a difference. —Lauren Reczek ’15

Zeta Tau Chapter at Longwood University

Thank you for your continued support of this organization! Alpha Sigma Tau has changed my life and it’s because of women like you. Donors help keep this organization alive and I hope we are making you proud. —Molly Farthing ’16

Thank you for your support of the Foundation. I have seen the impact you are having first-hand through my work as a Chapter Advisor. —Jullie Nauman ’99

Phi Chapter at Southeastern Louisiana University

My heart is grateful for the support members and friends of Alpha Sigma Tau give to the Foundation. It’s because of your generosity that our vision becomes reality. As Chapter Advisor, I see first-hand the benefits of donor-funded programs. We are developing leaders and empowering our women! Happy 79th Anniversary to Phi Chapter on February 17th, and thank you for supporting your Foundation and Sorority! —Rita Anne Bertolino ’77

Thank you to our Foundation donors! Your generosity made my dream of earning a Masters degree possible! —Rachel Bourgeois Green ’05

Psi Chapter at James Madison University

Thank you for your support, and for giving others the opportunity to develop life-long friendships and leadership skills that will help them become stronger women in all aspects of their life! —Chrissi Cullen ’96

Alpha Gamma Chapter at Henderson State University

Thank you to all our generous donors. It is wonderful to learn how you are supporting Alpha Sigma Tau in such meaningful ways. I give so that current and future women may have the opportunity to experience a Sisterhood that has given me lifelong friends and leadership skills that contributed to my professional success. —Bobbie Nichols ’68

Thank you for supporting this organization that has given me so much! —Bekah Smith ’16

Alpha Lambda Chapter at Radford University

My heart and ‘thank you’ goes out to all who are Foundation donors. It is always a pleasure to fund opportunities for Sisters to expand their minds, strengthen their patience and understanding, and commit to excellence through scholarships, guest speakers, and educational programming. Every time we donate, we invest in the continual growth of our collegiate Sisters and the lifelong empowerment of women. I plan to donate for as long there are women who can benefit from our Foundation. Let’s help pave the way for future excellence because where there are empowered women, there is a way! —Mary Askins ’13

Thank you for perpetuating our Sisterhood with your gifts of love. —Gail Fowler ’73

Thank you to Sisters who open their hearts and their wallets to help Alpha Sigma Tau support our members through educational programming and opportunities. Your giving is an inspiration. —Carol Mooney ’70

Alpha Tau Chapter at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Thank you for your generosity! —Michelle Zewe Markley ’09

Alpha Psi Chapter at University of Northern Iowa

Thank you for supporting current and future Taus! —Isabella Wernholm ’17

Beta Delta Chapter at Duquesne University

Because of Alpha Sigma Tau, the support of Foundation donors, and Foundation scholarships, I was able to earn my M.S. in Higher Education Administration! Now, I get to spend every day working with sorority women and fraternity men, providing leadership development opportunities and officer training at the University of South Carolina! Thank you to donors for continuing to give back and support Sisters like me as we strive to complete or continue our education! —Bethany Yost ’12

Thank you so much for your donation! It is appreciated more than you could ever imagine! TLAM —Samantha Zapach ’18

Beta Zeta Chapter at University of Alabama – Birmingham

Thanks to all Sisters. Through donations, we support each other and the programs that help us all grow to become the best women God created us to be! To let our Alpha Sigma Tau light shine to all who come in contact with us! That is why I continue to donate to Alpha Sigma Tau. We all became Sisters for life and helping the sorority and its programs are part of the responsibility we have to make sure future Sisters have the same opportunities and more. —Carol Baril ’77

Beta Xi Chapter at Michigan Technological University

Thank you for the ability to create greater friendships and for experiences that will last a lifetime. For a group of women who will always be there for me through the good and bad. And for the opportunity to use my skills through philanthropy and service projects that have an impact on our campus, surrounding communities, and elsewhere. I am truly grateful. —Adeline Hummel ’15

Beta Pi Chapter at Eastern Illinois University

It’s thanks to donors like you that generations have the chance to shape their futures into something great for the world. —Ashley Hoogstraten Burk ’07

Beta Rho Chapter at Arkansas Tech University

Thank you, donors of the Foundation for all you do! Alpha Tau wouldn’t be Alpha Tau without you! —Lora Brown ’18

Beta Chi at Ferris State University

Thank you for empowering women to grow to their full potential! —Michelle Sahr ’11

Gamma Gamma Chapter at University of West Alabama

Thank you for all you do to help support this amazing organization! Nothing would be possible without the amazing donors like you! —Nicole Petrarca ’16

Gamma Theta Chapter at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

I give so that the Foundation can continue to support the Sorority’s educational programming and provide much-needed scholarships to collegians. —Pam Myhre

Gamma Pi Chapter at Lycoming College

Thank you for your continued support of our Sisterhood! —Kirsten Heck ’01

Gamma Rho Chapter at Seton Hall University

Thank you for all Alpha Sigma Tau has done for so many of us through the years. —Rose LaVista ’93

Gamma Tau Chapter at Lebanon Valley College

Thank you for your continued support of Alpha Sigma Tau! —Rebecca Clouser ’18

Thank you for supporting life-altering programs through the Foundation! Donors like you make it possible for the women of Alpha Sigma Tau to grow and continue to contribute our share to the progress of [hu]mankind. —Brianna Metsger ’17

Thank you for enabling young women like myself to have access to resources that will help us grow into mindful and well-rounded individuals through programs like Illuminate. —Eryn Somers ’17

Delta Eta Chapter at Belmont University

Thank you for giving to the future female leaders of the world! Alpha Sigma Tau gives more than just friends, it gives mentors, resources, and communities of world changers. —Cynthia Klauber ’15

Delta Upsilon Chapter at Saint Leo University

Thank you to everyone who continues to give to such a wonderful organization. Your donations help Alpha Sigma Tau continue to empower women! —Amanda Davis ’04

Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

I am so grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities I had while I was a collegiate member. Now I’m thankful to be in a position to give back a little something to help future Sisters achieve their dreams! Thanks to all who have donated to help future generations of Sisters grow together in this wonderful organization! —Lauren Bromley ’06

Epsilon Beta Chapter at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Thank you for supporting such an amazing organization. It does not go unnoticed! —Cynthia Rodriguez ’16

Epsilon Zeta Chapter at University of Virginia’s College at Wise

THANK YOU for all your amazing support and donations to Alpha Sigma Tau. I’ve made the best memories with my Sisters, and I wouldn’t trade the world for them. —Marra Havener ’18

Epsilon Eta Chapter at University of the Incarnate Word

Thank you so much for your generosity! —DevendraMae Leonard ’17

Epsilon Lambda Chapter at Indiana University South Bend

Thank you so much for supporting me through this Sisterhood! Because of you, I have grown up to be an amazing SisTau with great admiration for the fellow person and my community! —Rana Hamad ’18

Epsilon Omicron Chapter at University of Southern Indiana

Thank you for your contributions! —Alicia Frederick ’17

Epsilon Upsilon at Dalton State College

Thank you for an amazing group of Sisters. —Lily Ensminger ’16

Thank you for your support to this amazing organization that means so much to women across the country. —Allika Peeler-Bagley ’16

Friends of Alpha Sigma Tau

Thank you to all the donors who support the Foundation initiatives that empower our collegians to be the best women they can be. Your support helps advance the organization’s vision and mission, and we are so appreciative of your generosity! —Angie Bong, Assistant Executive Director of Member Services for Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority

Thank you to all our donors! —Alex Kennedy, Chapter Services Coordinator for Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority