Where to Give

There are four main ways to invest in Alpha Sigma Tau’s future.

Anchor Fund

Unrestricted donations to the Anchor Fund make the biggest and most direct impact on the Foundation’s mission. Each gift to the Anchor Fund offers an immediate return on investment by supporting every area of the Foundation’s focus, from operations to administering scholarship programs for members, and grants to the Sorority.

Leadership Fund

The Leadership Fund is designed to offer current support for Sorority leadership and educational programs. This revolving fund houses temporarily restricted donations for immediate use in Sorority programs.

Future Fund

The Future Fund offers donors a chance to permanently restrict their gifts. This fund uses only interest earnings to support Sorority programs. Contact Ashley Smith Ried, Assistant Director of Engagement, at aried@alphasigmatau.org to learn more about making a contribution to the Future Fund.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds are created through special arrangements of gifts. Establishing a scholarship offers donors the chance to honor a chapter, or a specific member or members. These funds are restricted to academic and service scholarship awards. Funds can be set up with permanent or temporary restrictions.

Interested in Creating a Scholarship?

Learn how to establish a scholarship.