Illuminate is Alpha Sigma Tau’s four-year member development program, offering personal and professional growth for collegiate Sisters. The program provides intentional opportunities to both build themselves as individuals and develop deeper levels of sisterhood amongst one another. Illuminate equips each participant with the proven leadership skills she needs to become the woman she aspires to be.

Illuminate is innovative – a structured, yet fun approach to personal and professional growth that is unlike anything else out there. Illuminate is conducted by grade level (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) and peer-facilitated by selected collegiate Class Facilitators. Throughout the year, Class Facilitators guide their class through structured, interactive programs that teach eight competencies, as selected by each class.

Illuminate is grounded in real life. Thousands of successful women leaders were asked a simple question: what skills do you have that were an invaluable part of your success? Their answers provide the foundation for Illuminate, including eight leadership competencies that, when mastered, are more likely to lead to a successful, fulfilling life.


Click each competency below to learn more and access additional tools and resources:

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We suggest doing three (3) programs per semester (or two programs per term at trimester/quarter schools) for a total of six (6) per year. Any less and the potential benefit declines considerably.

Download a set of Illuminating Our Sisterhood cards to learn more and share.


According to Adecco Staffing USA “Mind the Skills Gap” 2014 study, 44% of executives believe lack of soft skills is the most critical gap in the US workforce. NACE’s “Job Outlook 2016” report on attributes employers want on college graduates’ resumes found 80% look for evidence of leadership skills. Illuminate, rooted in proven leadership competencies, is designed to help develop your personal and professional soft skills.

Even better, Sisters and chapters who have participated in Illuminate tell us that, as a result of the program, their abilities in each competency have increased. They have developed deeper, more meaningful relationships with their Sisters, resulting in strengthening their overall chapter.

Here are some of the great things our Sisters have shared about their Illuminate experience:

“I felt so uplifted by my sisters… I feel a renewed sense of confidence to be brave and to proudly assert my values.”

“It has given me a chance to fall in love with Alpha Sigma Tau all over again.”
“I am thankful to have participated in such an uplifting program… it was nice to sit back with a group of my Sisters and discuss ideas that help us become better people within society.”

Sounds great! How does my chapter take part?

Illuminate is available at NO COST to chapters — it s a member benefit of Alpha Sigma Tau, thanks to a generous grant from the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation.

Take advantage of this opportunity and enroll your chapter in Illuminate today!

If you have any questions or would like to sign your chapter up, please contact your chapter’s Headquarters staff contact.

Illuminate was mind-blowing. We thought it would be just another lecture, but it was exactly the opposite. Each Sister brought her own personal experiences and we learned and grew together. Every Sister in my chapter was excited about what she learned.

Jennifer Fedenisn
Epsilon Zeta Chapter (University of Virginia's College at Wise)