Our Fraternity Hymn

The power of music.  A candlelit room, your Sisters on either side of you, voices raised in praise and honor of our Sisterhood, the notes and lyrics binding us together: it is our past and our present, and even our future stretching out before us as we share a deeper meaning with our newest members. Our Fraternity Hymn is an awesome and emotional piece, calling forth our memories and instantly connecting us to each of our more than 65,000 Sisters. 

Printed in the very first issue of The Anchor in June 1925, the lyrics of our Fraternity Hymn were penned by Edna McElver Lefler (Alpha 1908/Eastern Michigan) and set to the tune of “Annie Lisle,” a popular ballad of the time. The tune also was adapted for many collegiate Alma Mater songs, including at Moravian College and McDaniel College, home to our Delta Theta and Epsilon Nu Chapters, respectively!

In December 1933, she wrote about her adventures living in Salamanca, Spain with her husband, Herbert, and their two sons. Sadly, we know very little about how Edna came to write our most well-known and beloved song, but we can’t help but believe she’d be proud and pleased to know how her work lives on through each of us!

Credits for the rendition above:
Alpha Sigma Tau Fraternity Hymn, arr. Kayla Wicklund (Delta Eta 2017/Belmont)
Performed by members of the Delta Eta Chapter:
Soprano 1: Nicole Lewis, Lindsay McMahan, Lucy Daley, Haley Verinder; Soprano 2: Claire Buchanan, Caroline Caldwell, Nicole Polizzi, Meg Schenck, Annika Simpson; Alto 1: Olivia Junek, Alex Shunnarah, Taylor Gerson, Kendall Streets; Alto 2: Alexis Graves, Caitlin Reardon, Ashley Williams; Director: Kayla Wicklund; Filming and Production: Caroline Pabst

Defining Moments

For 120 years, Alpha Sigma Tau has been providing women with moments that defined their lives forever. To help celebrate 120 Years of Alpha Sigma Tau, Sisters are sharing their personal defining moments–moments they knew Alpha Sigma Tau was truly something special. Moments they realized our Sisterhood meant unconditional love. Moments they learned they were capable of more than they thought. Moments that helped them become the women they are today.

Stories Celebrating 120 Years of Sisterhood

Throughout the next year, we’ll be sharing special stories about what it means to be an Alpha Sigma Tau. Stories of our traditions. Stories of members sharing about how Alpha Sigma Tau changed their lives. Stories about how the Alpha Sigma Tau experience is one of community and empowerment.

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Dogged Determination: A Sister’s Journey to Success

Dr. Kathy Strickland has always had a soft spot for animals. “I did have a squirrel in high school,” she recalled. “I bottle-fed her when she was just growing hair. I tried putting her outside to release her but she always followed me back to the house!” Kathy worried that because her family lived in…

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Behind the Scenes: Making our Badge

Receiving our Badge on Initiation Day is a special moment for every Alpha Sigma Tau, but have you ever wondered how your Badge came to life? To celebrate 120 Years of Alpha Sigma Tau, we take a look inside the process of how our Badge is made by hand with love from our official jeweler,…

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Let’s Celebrate Founders Day!

This November 4, Alpha Sigma Tau turns 120! Founders Day is the perfect time to reconnect with Sisters and the organization that has helped define so much of our lives. Whether you’re connecting with Sisters who you now call your family, those you’ve lost touch with over the years, or even AΣTs in your local…

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Donate in Honor of 120 Years of Sisterhood

In our 120th year, we remember our founding members who, in 1899, dreamed of an organization that would break down barriers, advance ambition, and empower women through Sisterhood. We also recognize each individual member, like you, who has played an integral role in shaping our Dear Old Alpha Sigma Tau into what she is today. It is because of you, and the shared vision of our founders, that we continue to grow. 

Will you join us in celebrating this 120th Year of Sisterhood with a tax-deductible donation to the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation?

Like the dreams of our founders, your donation paves the way for generations of women to come. Thank you!