Membership Eligibility

Our members range from commuter students attending college in their hometown to those looking for a support system hundreds of miles away from home. From future nurses to future teachers to future artists. From first-generation college students to women whose grandmothers are also Alpha Sigma Taus. For us, there is no one-size-fits-all type of member, but all members strive to live what it means to be an Alpha Sigma Tau each and every day.

We embrace women of all backgrounds and experiences who embody our values and strive for excellence in all they do.

Being an Alpha Sigma Tau means…

Holding ourselves and the environment we surround ourselves with to a higher standard

We strive to be the best we can be in all areas of life. We know we aren’t perfect—no one ever is—but we never stop setting goals and working towards them. We set the bar high for ourselves and those we surround ourselves with, and we’re confident enough in our self-worth to never lower our expectations. We are the women who will change the world because we never stop Defining Excellence.

Making choices guided by our values

Alpha Sigma Taus never say “everyone else is doing it so we will too.” Our actions as individuals and as chapters are guided by our values. We know that the right thing and the easy thing are often different things, but we always do the right thing because we have high respect for ourselves, our Sisterhood, our community, and those around us.

Creating the best Sisterhood possible

Every Alpha Sigma Tau knows that she plays a pivotal role in building and nurturing the Sisterhood. We know that a sorority isn’t a true sisterhood until that feeling is felt by its members. We believe in creating a group of women who supports one another, who challenges one another, and who loves one another unconditionally. We all do our part to make Alpha Sigma Tau a place for women to belong.

Our collegiate membership requirements:

To meet our standards of membership, an individual must:

  • Be an undergraduate student at a college or university where Alpha Sigma Tau has a chapter.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. (Local GPA requirements may be higher.)
  • Meet all financial obligations to the National Sorority and her chapter.
  • Not be, or ever have been, an initiated member of another sorority in the National Panhellenic Conference.

Position Statement on Nondiscrimination:

Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority is a private membership organization. For membership selection purposes, only women who meet and maintain the requirements and obligations as set forth by the Sorority shall be eligible for membership.

Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority does not discriminate in its membership selection on the basis of race, religious affiliation, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical disability. Qualification for membership in Alpha Sigma Tau is based on six fundamental standards: scholarship, leadership, community service, character, personal development, and financial responsibility. Potential members are extended an equal opportunity to seek membership in the Sorority.

Further, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority is committed to enhancing and appreciating diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious affiliation, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical disability or other characteristic protected by federal law. Membership in Alpha Sigma Tau is open to women and transgender persons who identify as women. Males are excluded from membership as provided by Title IX, 20 E.S.C §1681 (a)(6)(A), which pertains to social fraternities and sororities.