Build your local community of women.

When you joined Alpha Sigma Tau in college, you were surrounded by women who became your unconditional support system. Those women had your back through every breakup, difficult class, and trying moment.

Now as an alumna, you can find this same community of sisterhood through an AΣΤ alumnae chapter or association.

AΣΤ alumnae chapters and associations are a place to…

Establish friendships with strong women

Friendships with other women have the potential to change our lives. Research suggests that women who have strong friendships with women tend to have better physical health and are better able to persevere through traumatic life events.

With social meetups and events being a cornerstone to AΣΤ alumnae groups, you’ll surely find a community of women you enjoy being around.

Continue your path as a lifelong learner

As a member of an AΣΤ alumnae chapter or association, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Expand your professional network
  • Find a mentor or mentee
  • Build a connection to your local area
  • Explore topics of interest with others
  • Gain leadership experience if you choose to take on a leadership position

Contribute to the community

AΣΤ alumnae chapters and associations are a great outlet for community involvement. From volunteering at local women’s empowerment organizations or organizing fundraisers, alumnae Sisters are prioritizing giving back to the community.

Connect to the Alpha Sigma Tau Sisterhood

As a member of an alumnae group, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Alpha Sigma Tau on a deeper level. Whether you just graduated or have been away for a while, membership in an alumnae group will provide you more opportunities to get involved with our Sisterhood.

Are you ready to connect?

Whether you’re looking for friends in a new city, an outlet to serve the community, or a way to connect to Alpha Sigma Tau, an AΣΤ alumnae chapter or association is the right place for you.

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Do you know a lost Sister?

Nearly 32,000 Sisters may be missing out on opportunities to connect with AΣΤ because we’re missing their contact information. Help your chapter’s “lost Sisters” reconnect to our Sisterhood.

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