Our Collegiate Experience

Alpha Sigma Tau membership is for a lifetime, but it all begins in college.

When you’re a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, you belong to a proud legacy of smart, confident women who embody the Sorority’s Core Values of excellence, intellect, graciousness, respect, and connections. Our members build and maintain meaningful, sincere, and lifelong relationships and graduate into the world with a better education, stronger network and support system, and more life-changing experiences.

Here are a few key aspects of the Alpha Sigma Tau collegiate experience.

Ongoing Academic Support

Academics are incredibly important to Alpha Sigma Tau, and we do all we can to ensure Sisters are prioritizing their academic success. Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters serve as an effective network of accountability, challenge, and support.

Strong, Lifelong Friendships

Alpha Sigma Tau represents Sisterhood grounded in shared values and experience. Your Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters become and remain your best friends and support you for life.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Members’ health and wellness is Alpha Sigma Tau’s top priority. From mental wellness to healthy relationships, we provide ongoing resources and support to ensure you have a safe and healthy experience.

Personal and Professional Growth

As an Alpha Sigma Tau, you’ll grow as a young woman and professional. You have opportunities to develop and practice invaluable life skills that employers seek like time management, teamwork, public speaking, and more!

Opportunities to Serve Others

As Alpha Sigma Taus, we are committed to enriching the lives of others. Through hands-on service and fundraising with Sisters, you contribute to society in a positive and meaningful way.

Vast Network of Accomplished Women

With nearly 60,000 collegiate and alumnae members worldwide, you have the opportunity to network with successful women across many industries, backgrounds, interests, hobbies, and life stages.

“I never truly realized what it meant to be unconditionally loved in my truest form until I made the decision to go outside of my comfort zone and join a sorority. Alpha Sigma Tau made me feel welcomed when I wasn’t even one of their own. They didn’t owe me anything yet gave me everything.”

Kayla Chategnier

Phi 2018/Southeastern Louisiana

Members in action empowering women

Our Sisters across the country are empowering women through hands-on service and generous philanthropy.

Alpha Sigma Tau’s Future

Check out our Strategic Areas of Focus to learn where Alpha Sigma Tau is headed as an organization.