Global Network of Women

Connections is one of Alpha Sigma Tau’s five Core Values. We believe in building and maintaining meaningful relationships with one another, beyond our school or our generation. Whether you’re a student seeking job hunting advice or someone looking for friends in a new town, your Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters are here to support you through life.

We are a connected global network of women.

Connecting with women in our local areas

With 30+ official alumnae groups all over the country, collegians are able to benefit from in-person connections with alumnae Sisters. Our alumnae groups often connect with collegiate chapters by attending events, sending goodies for recruitment, or presenting on their areas of expertise.

Learning from other Sisters who have been there, done that

We have several interest-based Facebook groups exclusive to AΣT alumnae where members can interact, swap advice, seek recommendations, and have fun!

The AΣT experience continues well beyond graduation.

Sisters Connect in South Korea

The beauty of sisterhood is how limitless it truly is. It’s a familiar face, a comforting conversation, and a tiny piece of home.

When Ciara McKee (Omicron 2019/Concord), left, shared on social media that she was studying abroad in South Korea, Jeong Min Lee, an AΣT alumna who attended Concord six years prior as an international student, reached out.

Ciara and Min connected online and eventually in person. “I was so nervous, but also really excited,” Ciara explained. Min took Ciara out to her favorite places to eat and introduced Ciara to her favorite Korean foods. The two shared conversations about Concord and Alpha Sigma Tau.

Am I eligible for membership?

For us, there is no one-size-fits-all type of member, but all members strive to live what it means to be an AΣT ever day.

Stay connected with AΣT

Your Alpha Sigma Tau experience doesn’t end at graduation. Here are a few ways to stay connected and get involved!