Officer Academy 2024

Officer Academy, an AΣΤ cornerstone leadership event, is back on January 6, 2024!

Incoming collegiate chapter Executive Committee officers: Invest in yourself and become the best leader you can be. Join us for Officer Academy 2024!

Throughout the Officer Academy experience, collegiate Executive Committee officers will participate in EQUIP: Officer Skills Training. Developed by RISE Partnerships, an industry-leading organization, this curriculum gives new collegiate chapter leaders the skills to manage the interpersonal and situational challenges and opportunities they will face in their new positions.


  • Officer Academy is for ALL incoming Executive Committee officers!
  • The more Executive Committee members your chapter sends, the less you pay.
  • Gain leadership skills that set you up in your AΣΤ role and beyond with 400+ Sisters nationwide.
  • Officer Academy 2024 consists of pre-work in the Learning Lounge (approx. 2 hours) and a live virtual event on Saturday, January 6, from 10 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. ET. You’ll need to complete both in their entirety.
  • Register in Officer Portal by Sunday, December 17!

Officer Academy Overview

Questions about Officer Academy? Contact Angie Bong, Chief Operating Officer, at or 317-613-7229.

Another impactful Officer Academy is in the books!

January 6–7, 2023, nearly 400 incoming collegiate chapter Executive Committee members took part in Officer Academy!

To make this cornerstone leadership opportunity accessible to every incoming Executive Committee member, the curriculum was delivered virtually in a hybrid model.

Leadership On-Demand

First, participants completed leadership lessons in an online, on-demand format. The curriculum featured core leadership principles that help these chapter leaders manage interpersonal and situational challenges and opportunities they’ll face in their new positions—and in any role leading or being on a team:

  • Project management
  • Delegation
  • Leadership styles
  • Managing emotion
  • Navigating conflict

Officer Academy LIVE!

For the live portion of Officer Academy, participants were grouped by officer role and with similar chapters. In these groups, Sisters applied their new knowledge, collaborated to solve the scenarios, and truly connect with one another as Sisters. The live portion also included two panels featuring collegians and advisors.

Officer Academy and EQUIP: Officer Skills Training were made possible by a generous grant from the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation. Invaluable leadership opportunities like this are only possible thanks to donors who support the Foundation. Thank you for empowering the next generation of women to excel in life. Click here if you would like to support leadership programs like Officer Academy.

Curriculum Overview

Setting Direction
Participants kicked off their Officer Academy experience by completing a dashboarding activity in which they evaluated and then depicted their chapter’s current state on a number of dimensions of chapter health, including sense of sisterhood, health and safety, operations, academic performance, affinity and pride, and member engagement, among others. Participants then crafted a vision for their desired chapter state and developed goals for how to get from the current state to the desired state.

Leading Your Team: Engaging Members
Participants learned about how to involve and motivate members in meaningful ways through examining the “Power of Law”—a realistic and achievable theory of getting members to give just 5% more. Participants “worked their roster” to identify members with untapped talents and gifts that need to be reengaged through relationship building and then role-played asking those members for help in ways that were specific and personal.

Leading Your Team: Aligning Members
Participants explored the three keys to accountability: setting expectations, communicating expectations, and reinforcing expectations. They examined their own chapter’s cultural norms and evaluated the degree of alignment with desired expectations or behaviors. Participants then brainstormed ways to reward and encourage the more desired behaviors, while reducing reinforcement of undesired behaviors. Participants also discussed member personalities that might prove challenging, and practice skills for caring conversations using a confrontation framework.

Planning and Execution
Participants were challenged on the assumption that “members just aren’t engaged” and asked to consider that engagement is directly correlated to the energy-level and desirability of the events and activities we do. Participants were tasked with thinking through what turns an event from an “energy-suck” to an “energy-boost” and learned specific skills for event prototyping, breaking down the work into manageable parts, building and assigning the task list, and planning the calendar. Put it all together, and you have a recipe for a well-thought-out, engaging, and well-organized event.

Alpha Sigma Tau Leadership: Tools and Resources
Participants received an overview of important Alpha Sigma Tau tools and resources available to help support their success during their officer term. The program reviewed what, where, and why of the Chapter Support Team, Basecamp, Officer Portal, MyChapterRoom (MCR), Billhighway, CrowdChange, Parson-Bishop Services, and the Brand Toolkit.

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