Our Brand

Alpha Sigma Tau’s brand is more than a logo; it’s a feeling. A feeling of pride in the accomplishments of our organization and the women within it. Of nostalgia as we reflect upon the days that shaped the women we have become and the friendships we cherish. Of hope that many more generations of women are able to receive what we did, and more, from Alpha Sigma Tau.

Our symbols are more than images on a screen or document. The anchor, our logomark, and our emerald green and gold colors represent us—a Sisterhood of women who Define Excellence in all we do. They remind us of the promises we made, of the women who built this network into what it is today, and of why we continue to fight for its advancement. They unite us— bringing women of all ages, backgrounds, locations, and chapters together in the spirit and traditions of Alpha Sigma Tau.

We reinforce the Alpha Sigma Tau brand by creating a welcoming and supportive environment for our Sisters and all women, taking actions guided by our values, and Defining Excellence in all of our endeavors.