Committees support the Sorority by executing strategic initiatives based on our core values. These volunteers generously give their time and talents to ensure that the Sorority can continue to fulfill its mission and vision.

Nominations Committee

Tylar Benedetto, Epsilon Mu (collegian); Jen Dodson, Zeta Tau; Tara Foncannon, Epsilon Omicron; Ashley Harris, Zeta Tau; Samantha Karwin, Delta Phi; Allie Mills, Gamma Gamma; and Eva Warren, Epsilon Tau (collegian)

The Nominations Committee is comprised of five alumnae members and two collegiate members. The committee is elected by ballot during each Convention. The Nominations Committee is tasked with filling elected officer positions, and consider the qualifications of all candidates proposed by any member. The Nominations Committee nominates a slate of at least one name for each elected officer position. A report of the committee shall be made available to the membership no later than March 1 of the election year.

Governing Documents Committee

Kristina Moron Eaton, Gamma Delta (Chair); Esther Fontenot Barrios, Phi; Theresa Gallo, Delta Phi; Kayla Herr, Delta Theta (collegian); Katie Perschbacher, Gamma Xi; Rachel Presskreischer, Delta Phi; and Arielle Sabot, Delta Phi (collegian)

The Governing Documents Committee is comprised of at least five members, including at least one collegiate member. This committee receives all proposed amendments to the governing documents that will be considered at Convention. They ensure that all amendments are written in the correct parliamentary form and consolidate similar amendments for joint proposal, subject to the acceptance by the proposers. The committee is required to give notice of all properly submitted amendments along with a recommendation for action.

The Governing Documents Committee develops a plan to notify members of the timetable and process for submitting proposed amendments to the Bylaws. The Governing Documents Committee may work with the Executive Director on the execution of this plan.

Proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be received by the Governing Documents Committee no later than January 15 prior to Convention. The Governing Documents Committee distributes the proposed amendments to the membership.