Collage of three photos of Alpha Sigma Tau collegiate members

Strategic Areas of Focus

Alpha Sigma Taus are women with goals who continuously Define Excellence. This mentality also applies to our National Organization as a whole. As such, the Alpha Sigma Tau National Council establishes the strategic direction for the Sorority so that we continue to advance and enrich the lives of our members together.

The way each member defines her own Alpha Sigma Tau experience shapes the Sorority’s fate. Alpha Sigma Tau provides the outlet and the opportunities for us to create lasting friendships, become the best versions of ourselves, empower women, and share in something larger than ourselves, but it’s up to us to own the Alpha Sigma Tau experience and reputation.

Championing these strategic goals together is critical to our future as an organization. With so much uncertainty surrounding the fraternal world, we must all do our part to ensure Alpha Sigma Tau provides an enriching and relevant experience for women.

During the latest round of strategic planning, the National Council developed the following statement to guide the Sorority’s direction through the next two-to-three years:

Collegiate members of Alpha Sigma Tau will have a healthy, safe, and values-based Sisterhood that inspires pride and affinity for the Sorority and leads to lifelong stewardship.

  • Members develop and model healthy relationships and behaviors.
  • Members exhibit confidence and resilience as they navigate life.
  • Members are ambassadors of a consistent, identifiable Alpha Sigma Tau brand aligned with our values.
  • Members recruit and foster a diverse and inclusive Sisterhood firmly rooted in Alpha Sigma Tau’s values, principles, and beliefs.
  • Members understand Alpha Sigma Tau’s expectations and are empowered to hold one another accountable.
  • Members identify and recruit new members and advisors as well as cultivate champions of the organization on their campus.
  • Members seek opportunities for involvement and leadership in their chapter, on their campus, in their community, and in the National Organization.
  • Members understand the importance of supporting the National Organization and Foundation.
  • Members celebrate the value of Alpha Sigma Tau’s Sisterhood.

For the future of our Sisterhood, it’s up to us…

To prove that Alpha Sigma Tau is a safe place for women, physically and emotionally

As a membership association, relationships are everything. Unhealthy behaviors put Alpha Sigma Tau at severe risk, and unhealthy relationships deter from the true meaning of Alpha Sigma Tau. We want to provide the tools for members to develop and model healthy relationships with themselves and their Sisters.

To tackle life’s setbacks and challenges with confidence and resilience

Just as our Founders had confidence and resilience as they forged their path by forming our Sisterhood, today’s members also need these characteristics to be their best selves in all aspects of their lives.

To actively show the world one cohesive, recognizable Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Sigma Tau is a stronger organization and has greater recognition power when members and their actions and experiences align with the Sorority’s brand identity.

To combat the stereotype that sororities are exclusive by ensuring AΣT is a place for all women who embody our values

Alpha Sigma Tau prides itself on being a place of belonging for women of all backgrounds and experiences who embody our values and strive for excellence.

To be confident in understanding what it means to be an AΣT and hold others to that same standard

It’s important for all members to be on the same page about what we stand for and what behaviors don’t belong in our Sisterhood so that we’re moving forward together. We all take part in a shared responsibility for our Sisterhood, so when Sisters deviate from our collective path of values-based actions, we’re ready to hold one another accountable for the benefit of Alpha Sigma Tau.

To strengthen our Sisterhood in membership, spirit, and advocates

Alpha Sigma Tau relies on members advocating for and conveying the value of our experience and recruiting women who can help the Sorority grow and develop. We are an organization built upon relationships, and the future of Alpha Sigma Tau depends on members cultivating the next generation of members, volunteers, and leaders.

To show the world that AΣTs don’t sit by and wait for the world to change; we change the world

Since our very beginning, leadership has been a pillar of Alpha Sigma Tau. In 1899, our Founders led a movement to form an outlet for women to grow, learn, and socialize together. Our members are expected to continue the tradition of Defining Excellence in all they set out to do, just as our Founders did.

To keep Alpha Sigma Tau strong through our time, talent, and treasure

The future of Alpha Sigma Tau depends on members who donate to, volunteer with, engage with, advocate for, and champion the Sorority and Foundation. Without member support, Alpha Sigma Tau’s opportunities to empower women to excel in life are limited. Members keep Alpha Sigma Tau strong.

To broadcast how AΣT is relevant and adds value to the lives of women

We live in an age where we have endless opportunities as to where to spend our time. There are countless organizations to join, charities to donate to, places to meet new people, and ways to learn, but Alpha Sigma Tau should be a premier way for women to choose to spend their time.