Supporting your loved one

Alpha Sigma Tau is a family, and when your loved one joins our Sisterhood, you become part of our family too. There are many ways to show you’re supportive of her Alpha Sigma Tau journey. Here are a few ideas:

Get to know other Sisters

Some families of Alpha Sigma Taus invite Sisters who live far away to their homes for home-cooked meals during the week or over holiday breaks. The next time you’re on campus visiting, consider inviting some of her Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters and getting to know them.

Participate in the chapter’s activities

Many chapters involve parents and loved ones through Parents Days/Weekends where they’ll spend time sharing more about our Sisterhood and taking part in activities together. Some members even choose to invite their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and other women relatives to become alumnae members of Alpha Sigma Tau through a process called Alumnae Initiation!

Ask about her experience

Every Alpha Sigma Tau has a unique membership journey, but there are some questions that can help get you started learning more about her experience in the Sorority. Consider checking in with her with some of the following:

  • How is AΣT (A-S-T) doing?
  • Who are some of your closest friends in the sorority? What do you like to do for fun when you’re together?
  • Are you involved in any leadership positions? What do those entail?

Purchase some AΣT gear

Consider shopping for some Alpha Sigma Tau items for your loved one. Whether it’s for the holidays or her birthday, new AΣT apparel and other items make the perfect gifts for any Alpha Sigma Tau. We’ve already curated some great places to start!