Health and Safety

When our members’ decisions are guided by our values and the skills they’ve learned, they make good and safe decisions for themselves and their Sisters.

We are committed to keeping mental health top-of-mind.

We are committed to being the safest place for women on a college campus.

Leading the way in ending sexual assault and relationship violence

We provide our collegiate members and volunteers with Sexual Assault Prevention, an online program preparing members to navigate situations that involve consent, sexual assault, bystander intervention, and healthy relationships.

As a women’s organization, we believe it’s critical that our members are equipped with the tools they need to step in when they see something that doesn’t seem right, support a friend who has disclosed they’ve been assaulted, understand what a healthy or unhealthy relationship looks like, and seek help if they are a survivor of sexual assault.

Creating a safe place for ourselves and our Sisters

Every year, our members complete CommunityEdu*, an online program that equips members with the tools they need to make good decisions related to alcohol awareness, sexual assault, and hazing. Through this program, our Sisters are better able to create a healthy, safe, and empowering community.

In 2021, GreekLifeEdu was renamed and updated to become CommunityEdu.

With one-in-four young adults between the ages of 18-24 having a diagnosable mental illness and 75% of lifetime cases of mental health conditions beginning by age 24, our collegiate members’ mental health is a growing concern.

One-in-four students will experience mental health issues during their collegiate years. When this happens, they need the support of their classmates, friends, and Sisters.

We provide our collegiate members with Name Your Story, a program developed by practicing therapist Dr. Lauren Cook, who was a keynote speaker at our 44th National Convention.

This online course gives our members the opportunity to learn about the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health concerns affecting college students today. Additionally, it provides training on how to discuss these experiences with one another and how to prioritize their own well-being.

We believe that Name Your Story will help our members be the best they can be – for themselves, their Sisters, and their communities.

In addition to our collegiate members, alumnae members have access to MindWise Mental Health Screenings, a brief, anonymous, and free mental heath check-up that can direct you to a behavioral health professional.

Preventing prescription drug abuse

Now, more than ever, college students are taking medications prescribed for conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, or pain. It’s critical our Sisters have the right tools to prevent misuse and abuse, so we provide Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention—an online digital course that teaches members how to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to prescription medications.

Empowering women beyond our Sisters

Giving back is a big part of sorority life. Learn about our National Philanthropy, the Women’s Wellness Initiative.

We develop strong leaders

Being an Alpha Sigma Tau provides a leadership unlike any other. Learn about how our Sisters grow personally and professionally.