Health and Safety

Alpha Sigma Tau strives to be the safest place for women on a college campus. We believe that when our members’ decisions are guided by our values and the skills they’ve learned, they make good and safe decisions for themselves and their Sisters. Here are just a few ways we make good on this promise.

Leading the way in ending sexual assault and relationship violence

Not Anymore equips members with the skills necessary to navigate situations that involve consent, sexual assault, bystander intervention, and healthy relationships.

Equipping our newest members with the tools they need

GreekLifeEdu provides Alpha Sigma Tau new members with the tools they need to make positive and healthy decisions related to alcohol awareness, sexual assault, and hazing, and chapters are better able to empower our newest Sisters through health, safety, and care.

Offering coverage for our members

Alpha Sigma Tau believes that our Sisterhood should be the safest place for young women on campus. With our partners at MJ Insurance, we provide insurance coverage and a library of insurance and risk-related resources to collegiate chapters.