Take the 4 Points Pledge to Combat Sexual Violence

As a women’s organziation, Alpha Sigma Tau is committed to being a leader in ending sexual violence. We are asking you, along with other members and friends of Alpha Sigma Tau, to make a commitment against sexual violence.

Change starts with you. Take Alpha Sigma Tau’s 4 Points Pledge to learn, advocate, intervene, and support. Then, share it on social media.

The 4 Points Pledge

I commit to:

I will take steps to educate myself on sexual assault, consent, and healthy sexuality.
I will seek out opportunities to get involved in my community.
I will be familiar with resources in my community.

I will speak out against victim blaming.
I will challenge sexist behaviors and beliefs.
I will communicate with my partner(s) about my desires and boundaries.

I will view myself as an active and empowered bystander.
I will intervene in situations where I believe that consent may be at risk.
I will ask for help if I cannot intervene on my own.

I will believe someone if they tell me that they were sexually assaulted.
I will listen empathetically to survivors of sexual violence.
I will connect survivors with resources that can support them.