Volunteer Personnel

Volunteers fuel Alpha Sigma Tau.

Alpha Sigma Tau’s Volunteer Personnel are a key part of the Sorority’s workforce. They are an extension of Alpha Sigma Tau’s Headquarters Staff, working on the operational tactics that support the Sorority’s strategy set by the National Council.

Alpha Sigma Tau believes in providing a mutually beneficial volunteer experience—one where the Sorority benefits from the volunteer’s time and talents by being able to accomplish more for our members and one where the volunteer receives a benefit in return. Whether it be a stronger connection to the Sorority, refined skills, relevant professional experience, more connections with Sisters, or even the good feeling knowing they’re contributing their share to the future of Alpha Sigma Tau, our hope is each and every volunteer believes their work with us is enriching and meaningful.

Meet the Master Facilitators

These volunteers help chapters successfully carry out Illuminate, our four-year member development program.

Meet the Communications Volunteers

These volunteers help tell Alpha Sigma Tau’s story through their written pieces, photographs, and graphic design work.

Online Community Leaders

These volunteers facilitate engagement and connections through our interest-based Facebook groups.

While we embrace a flexible approach to volunteerism and offer a variety of ways for members and friends to get involved in both long-term and short-term capacities, only long-term roles are considered Volunteer Personnel. These volunteers are typically appointed for two-year terms, and they have a vote at Convention should they choose to attend.