Empowering the Next Generation

A key part of being an Alpha Sigma Tau alumna is empowering the next generation of women. We know that when we get where we’re going, it’s time to turn around and hold the door open for someone else. Here are a few ways aside from advising for alumnae to empower our collegiate Sisters.

Share internship and job openings

Share openings at your workplace with collegiate members and play a role in helping them start their career on the right foot.

Offer a homecooked meal

When collegians are away at college, they can be living on dining hall and fast food for months. Offer them a little slice of normalcy and show them what sisterhood beyond college and generations truly means.

Share your expertise

Ask the chapter’s advisors and leadership if they’d be interested in having you teach the chapter something that you’re knowledgeable about. Are you a marketing professional? Speak about personal branding. Are you a chef? Teach them about eating healthy. Everyone has something to share.

Offer your talents or business services

If you own a local business or are a freelancer, consider donating your talents or business services. Do you own a bakery? See if the chapter would like to host a cupcake night. Are you a wedding photographer? Consider donating your time and hosting the chapter’s recruitment photoshoot. You’ll also demonstrate to collegiate members what it means to lead the way in paying it forward.

Review resumes or be a mentor

Put feelers out to see if there are any collegians who want to learn more about your professional role and would like to grab coffee. If you’re not local, see if they’d like to do a video call. You could also review their resume or portfolio, offer tips for your industry, or introduce them to other professionals in your field.

Show your support

With the power of technology, it’s easy to show your support to the chapter. Coordinate with the advisors to send a care package for finals week, chapter supplies for recruitment, or pizza for a chapter meeting. Or consider supporting any philanthropic fundraisers they’re hosting.