2023 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

The individuals receiving these awards have shown extraordinary dedication to academics, community, and the values of Alpha Sigma Tau. The scholarship program is made possible thanks to generous contributions from Sisters and friends, and we are grateful for the opportunity to play a role in supporting the undergraduate and graduate goals of the exceptional recipients listed below. Congratulations to the 2023 recipients and their families!

St. Louis Alumnae Chapter Scholarship

Kendal Allsopp

Alpha Pi 2021/Slippery Rock

“Receiving this scholarship assists my family and me with my college tuition, helps us achieve our goal of me graduating as a first-generation college student, and helps me with my future goal of getting a master’s degree in education.” 

Delta Tau Chapter Scholarship

Sally Artz

Delta Tau 2021/Oakland

“Receiving this scholarship allows me to work fewer hours and enables me to live on campus, which will help improve my grades and GPA. It also reduces my stress level and gives me a sense of belonging to my college, which is hard to find as a commuter student.”

Christina Covington Scholarship

Molly Barker

Epsilon Chi 2022/Minnesota Duluth

“As someone who is paying for school entirely on my own, it’s a huge challenge to pay for everything I need. A scholarship eases my financial strain, and lets me save more in order to pay for law school.”

Charlotte Evans Floyd Scholarship; Lois Schweikart O’Dell Scholarship; Phi Chapter – Southeastern Louisiana Alumnae Chapter Scholarship

Crista Basile

Phi 2020/Southeastern Louisiana

“I plan to attend Loyola Law School and become a district court judge in my hometown. This scholarship helps me pay off student loans, lets me focus on building my resume, and allows me more time for studying. I am so grateful to be part of a Sisterhood that offers funds and resources.”

DonnaMarie Grenier Scholarship; Beta Omega Chapter Scholarship

Bridgette Blumetti

Beta Omega 2022/Monmouth

“Since I was a child, my dream was to help others. My grandma suffered from epilepsy and dementia – watching the nurses aid in care inspired me to become a nurse myself. Additionally, I suffered from a congenital anomaly in both my legs resulting in continuous orthopedic injuries and surgeries. The nursing care I received as a patient was truly heartwarming and comforting. Nursing is a challenging major, and this scholarship helps decrease the number of work hours I will need during my course of study.”

Lois Anne Cooke Scholarship

Lily Busler

Epsilon Mu 2021/Buffalo

“Being a Sister of Alpha Sigma Tau encouraged me to pursue my dream of attending law school, and this scholarship makes it possible by allowing me more time to dedicate to my studies. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of a Sisterhood that values commitment to our education and inspires us to achieve our goals..”

Gamma Pi Chapter Scholarship

Gracelyn Casas

Gamma Pi 2022/Lycoming

“As a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, I get to be part of something larger than myself. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to pursue academic options I wouldn’t be able to go after otherwise. I get to chase after the values of AΣΤ, like excellence and intellect. The scholarship enables me to use my time in college to support myself and experiences that will help make me a better person in the future.”

Mary Ellen Willmitch Scholarship

Sam Cevallos

Epsilon Eta 2023/UIW

“This scholarship means the world to me and my family. It allows me to keep studying for my career and keep growing personally and professionally. I could also help my dad with my education finances since being an international student is very expensive.”

Gamma Gamma Chapter – Melinda Henry Oates Scholarship

Kimberly Culpepper

Gamma Gamma 2022/UWA

“I am a first-generation student, so I’ve had to figure out college by myself. This includes figuring out how to pay for college; with this scholarship, I will continue pursuing my education in psychology, where one day I can continue my purpose in helping people.”

Beta Mu Chapter Scholarship

Hailey Deares

Beta Mu 2022/Salisbury

“This scholarship will help me fund my education and relieve the stress of being a student and working full-time. I can focus on student teaching and getting good grades without balancing a job to pay for school. I can become the great teacher I want to be without any financial burden, being able to put my whole focus into my education.”

Carrie Washburne Staehle Scholarship

Erica Gaebe

Epsilon Xi 2022/Gustavus

“This scholarship reduces my financial stress about paying for my education. I truly value all of the experiences I’ve had as a member of Alpha Sigma Tau. I’m grateful for all of the support I’ve received through my resulting relationships and personal growth, and I feel honored to know that I am supported financially by this organization as well.”

Founders Scholarship

Caroline Hartnett

Alpha Phi 2021/West Chester

“This scholarship provides stability, allowing me to focus on my education without being distracted by financial hardship. I can prioritize my Master’s degree, and it encourages me to give back to Alpha Sigma Tau when I am financially stable enough. I’m grateful to receive this aid to become a well-rounded speech-language pathologist.”

Zeta Chapter – Denny Strouse Scholarship

Ragen Herrera

Zeta 2021/Lock Haven

“This scholarship helps me pay for Sorority dues and classes. By using the scholarship to pay for those two things, I can focus all my attention and passion on student teaching in the fall of 2023 and the spring of 2024.”

Alpha Lambda Chapter Scholarship

Becca Holcombe

Alpha Lambda 2021/Radford

“Receiving this scholarship lessens my financial stress while completing my last year of undergraduate education. My education is one of the most crucial parts of my life. I plan to attend graduate school after graduation in the Spring of 2024. With this scholarship, I can spend less time worrying about finances and more time with my Sisters.”

Dr. Tiffany K. Street Fellowship

Emily Kindred

Beta Delta 2008/Duquesne

“Alpha Sigma Tau has been formative to my personal and professional life. To receive financial assistance toward my pursuit of an M.S. in Organizational Leadership through the Dr. Tiffany K. Street Fellowship feels like coming full circle. As a collegian, I was encouraged by my Sisters to lead. Today, I am encouraged by my Sisterhood — and the generosity of fellow members — to be the best leader I can be.”

Psi Chapter Scholarship

Kayla Lauver

Psi 2020/James Madison

“As a student who finances my own education, receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation Scholarship helps me tremendously in my academic endeavors.”

Phi Chapter – Southeastern Louisiana Alumnae Chapter Scholarship

Katie Melton

Phi 2021/Southeastern Louisiana

“I am a first-semester nursing student that plans to further my education and become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. The program is costly, so this scholarship reduces my cost to attend school, allowing me to better afford the program after earning my BSN. I am truly honored to be awarded this scholarship.”

Edith Minerva Elliot Scholarship; Elizabeth Wilson/Dorothy Bennett Robinson Scholarship; Lois Anne Cooke Scholarship

Gianna Minnuto

Epsilon Rho 2021/SUNY Geneseo

“Receiving this scholarship allows me to devote my finances to paying for medical school applications instead of financing my undergraduate tuition. Alpha Sigma Tau has been instrumental in helping me pursue this career path through the connections I have made and the leadership development opportunities I have been granted. Receiving this scholarship is an even stronger testament to this organization’s dedication to empowering women to excel in life by supporting them in their academic, personal, and professional aspirations.”

Delta Phi Chapter Scholarship

Alyssa Minor

Delta Phi 2023/NYU

“This scholarship would allow me to fully immerse myself in my coursework and extracurricular activities and take advantage of new opportunities that may arise. Additionally, being selected for this scholarship provides me with a great sense of pride and validation, as it would be a recognition of my hard work and dedication to my academic goals. I am immensely grateful for the support.”

Martha Drouyor Belknap DeCamp Scholarship

Rebecca Moler

Delta Eta 2021/Belmont

“This scholarship supports me as I finish my final year at Belmont University, obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and sit for the NCLEX to receive my Registered Nurse License. With this scholarship, I can focus on my studies and nursing skills rather than the number of hours I can work outside of classes. Focusing on these skills and knowledge will allow me to become a great nurse and help my community.”

Gamma Gamma Chapter – Melinda Henry Oates Scholarship

Abby Moorer

Gamma Gamma 2022/UWA

“Receiving this scholarship is incredibly beneficial for me in achieving my degree in secondary education biology and fulfilling my dream of being a high school science teacher. I am so thankful to be a part of such an incredible Sisterhood. This scholarship helps fulfill my goals of being a successful student, an outstanding Alpha Tau, and a future teacher.”

Zeta Chapter Centennial Scholarship

Sadie Nahman

Zeta 2021/Lock Haven

“Receiving a scholarship would open many doors for future educational pursuits and ease the financial burden of paying for my education entirely through student loans. This scholarship allows me to prioritize my academics while also taking time to give back and be more involved in my campus community.”

Gamma Theta Chapter Scholarship

Alyssa Pristas

Gamma Theta 2022/Penn State Behrend

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps me be more financially secure. I plan to continue my education after I receive my BSN. This scholarship allows me to continue my nursing career as I strive to honor the Alpha Sigma Tau value of Intellect.”

Founders Scholarship

Nicholle Probst

Epsilon Kappa 2011/Trine

“A scholarship from Alpha Sigma Tau’s National Foundation helps me focus on paying off undergraduate debt so that I can achieve my goal of obtaining a Ph.D.”

Gamma Tau Chapter Scholarship

Brianna Roe

Gamma Tau 2022/Lebanon Valley

“With this scholarship, I can further my education without worrying about my future finances! I plan to become a multiple disabilities support teacher and provide my students with the best possible environment. By receiving this scholarship, I can be secure in my finances now and in the future. I am so excited to be able to pursue my passions as a special education teacher, thanks to this scholarship.”

June E. McCarthy Scholarship

Madelaine Rojas

Psi 2019/James Madison

“This scholarship allows me to pursue my graduate study dreams. I am attending the Teachers College at Columbia University, where I will receive a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Teaching with a Professional Certification. Due to the program’s prestige, the expense will be significant for someone fully financing their graduate school education. In addition to my graduate program, I will also be working to pay off my existing student loans from my undergraduate years. This scholarship helps me become the best educator for all my future students.”

Meda Ray Elliot Scholarship

Alexis Savoie

Epsilon Rho 2022/SUNY Geneseo

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps me continue funding college to prepare me for a career in political science. My resume, which is filled with opportunities afforded to me by attending SUNY Geneseo, has landed me my dream internship at the mayor’s office in Albany. My continued attendance and experiences here will hopefully allow me similar and better opportunities to come.”

Michael Pyszka Scholarship

Elliot Schatz

Epsilon Chi 2022/Minnesota Duluth

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps me focus on pursuing my degree in Political Science and not worry about finances. This will allow me to better prepare for my career. I know I have my Sisters’ full support everywhere I go.”

Beta Eta Chapter – Emma Caserotti Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Sheahan

Beta Eta 2020/SIUE

“Alpha Sigma Tau’s scholarship program fills a gap that other programs and scholarships cannot and lightens the load of the financial obligations and potential burdens college requires.”

Michele L. Golob Scholarship

Hannah Spindler

Beta Chi 2020/Ferris

“I have the motivation and work ethic to thrive in the Doctor of Pharmacy program, but this path is expensive, and receiving any assistance is an asset to this significant financial burden. With this scholarship, I can continue participating in leadership roles, focus on my studies, and reduce the stress of paying for a doctoral program. I am beyond thankful for the encouragement and support from Alpha Sigma Tau. I would not have been able to achieve my goal of attending pharmacy school without this organization.”

Lenore Seibel King Scholarship

Samantha Stellrecht

Epsilon Rho 2021/SUNY Geneseo

“The honor of being awarded an Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation Scholarship eases my financial burden, allowing me to pursue a study abroad program to further my academic endeavors in French and Anthropology. As I begin applying to graduate school programs, I will be able to focus more on the quality of the program rather than its financial implications.”

Mary Charles Adam Ashby Scholarship; Thomas J. King Jr. Scholarship

Sanzida Sultana

Epsilon Iota 2020/NYIT

“These scholarships help me pursue furthering my career in Computer Science. Only 20% of women are in this field, and I would like to be a part of the change to increase this percentage by studying data science. The scholarships allow me to focus more on my master’s studies and be a part of research opportunities within this industry.”

Mary Louise Mandrea Doyle Scholarship; Nayle Family Scholarship; Epsilon Alpha Chapter – Brittani Fussinger Berg Scholarship

Charlie Sweetland

Epsilon Alpha 2018/Embry-Riddle Prescott

“Receiving these scholarships helps me begin my dual Master’s degree in Business Administration and Leadership, ultimately helping me obtain my goal of commissioning. I hope to use this position to encourage other women to pursue leadership opportunities in a predominantly male organization.”

Zeta Chapter – Denny Strouse Scholarship

Emily Thomas

Zeta 2022/Lock Haven

“I will be graduating next year, doing two years of graduate school for athletic training, and then continuing on to Occupational Therapy school. A scholarship allows me to save money for my two graduate programs ahead of me. I have big goals with my career and want to be an Occupational Therapist on the pediatric side. My little cousin is my inspiration as she was born with a limb difference and has been going to occupational therapy all of her life. I will forever be impressed by what occupational therapists do for people.” 

Ferne Schumate Phipps Scholarship; Rose Marie Schmidt Scholarship

Kristina Valentino

Epsilon Rho 2021/SUNY Geneseo

“School is expensive, and I work during most of my free time to be able to afford it all. With a scholarship, I can dedicate more time strictly to my studies. Going into grad school, I would also have the confidence to have a little financial relief taken off my shoulders through this scholarship.”

Alpha Chapter – Joyce Berg Memorial Scholarship

Ileina Vroman

Alpha 2022/Eastern Michigan

“An Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship means I can work less in the summer and even get a chance to take summer classes and hopefully graduate early. It would also help my parents put more money toward my sister going to college, as she will be a senior in high school next year.”

Ricki Bargman Trosen Scholarship

Michaela Wilcox

Delta Theta 2022/Moravian

“An Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship allows me to be a more active member of my chapter because I would not have to work as often. I could volunteer more and dedicate more time to my Sisters and university. It would also decrease the stress that I face in the summer and winter when my tuition bill comes out, as with the extra financial help, I wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not I can go to college for another semester.”

Zeta Chapter Centennial Scholarship

Reese Zipperlen

Zeta 2022/Lock Haven

“As the oldest of 7 children, receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps me reach my education goals. By 2024, 4 out of the 7 will be in college, putting my family in a tight financial situation. Receiving this scholarship will assist me in graduating with my Bachelor’s degree while putting less financial pressure on my parents, who are taking out loans for me to pay back later.”

Gamma Theta Chapter Scholarship

Jazmin Navarette

Gamma Theta 2021/Penn State Behrend

“This scholarship means so much for me and for my family. I am a first-generation college student, my parents didn’t attend high school and have been working their whole lives to help me get a great education. They supported me with all their life savings and are continuing to support me, but it has been a very stressful year trying to keep up with my studies and working a job on campus to help pay for tuition as well. Receiving this scholarship will help me tremendously because it will allow me to focused more on my academics.”

Ferne Shumate Phipps Scholarship; 2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Anna Neal

Beta Rho 2020/Arkansas Tech

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship relieves a financial burden and opens doors for future educational pursuits. I intend on obtaining higher levels of education in the near future, and receiving an scholarship would allow me to pursue that directly following the completion of my undergraduate degree.”

Beta Omega Chapter Scholarship

Rachel Polzer

Beta Omega 2021/Monmouth

“Receiving a scholarship helps pay for books for my classes and the test prep materials for certifications for Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. I’m ecstatic to follow in the footsteps of my mother and older sister by becoming a teacher, and I cannot wait to be able to have a classroom of my own. I aspire to use literature to engage my students, encourage them, and be a source of positivity and care. Everyone has had a teacher who changed their life for the better. This scholarship helps me become that teacher for all of my students.”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Caroline Richardson

Psi 2021/James Madison

“I have always made the most out of my education. As a health science student, I am hoping to attain my CNA license and become a licensed physician’s assistant working in an oncology office. My goals and aspirations have always been fueled by the inclination to help others. A scholarship helps finance my undergraduate degree at so I am able to save more for my graduate schooling. This scholarship helps me be one step closer to achieving my educational and career goals.”

Epsilon Alpha Chapter – Brittani Fussinger Berg Scholarship

Winona Roulston

Epsilon Alpha 2021/Embry-Riddle Prescott

“This scholarship means a lot to me, allowing me to continue pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with students and professors who share the same passion as I do! From where I started learning the basics of engineering design to learning about different engineering mechanics, this scholarship allows me to advance my education and goals further.”

Thomas J. King Jr. Scholarship

Alayna Starll

Beta Xi 2019/Michigan Tech

“I am studying biomedical engineering and have had a job or internship during the summer every year. I try to save and budget for the entire year based on just that income. I apply for financial aid, along with other scholarships throughout the year, but I have also had to take out student loans. I have thought about taking on a job during the school year, but I really love all of the organizations that I am a part of and I would like to stay as involved as possible while still being financially stable. Overall, this scholarship assists me to finance my school costs!”

Lois Anne Cooke Scholarship

Samantha Stellrecht

Epsilon Rho 2021/SUNY Geneseo

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship decreases the financial burden of paying for my education. I spend more time focusing on my studies, reduce my hours worked at Green Acres, and spend part of my summer interning to prepare for my future career. Studying abroad, which has always been a dream of mine, but a far-fetched one due to financial issues, has become a possibility.”

Nayle Family Scholarship

Gabriella Thomas

Gamma Delta 2018/UMass Dartmouth

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship aids my graduate education at UMass Dartmouth by covering the cost of my tuition. This scholarship also allows for me to have housing security and relieves much of the additional stress I experience due to finances. I can focus more on my graduate degree and helping undergraduate Sisters of the Gamma Delta Chapter in all their pursuits.”

Delta Tau Chapter Scholarship

Anna Van Hese

Delta Tau 2019/Oakland

“By receiving a scholarship, I will continue my studies in my final year of college. It helps me feel less worried about how I will pay tuition and how to make ends meet. I’m able to continue working towards my goal of getting a Masters in Public Policy/Administration program. I’ve seen what these scholarships have done for Sisters in my chapter and others. It has allowed them to continue flourishing and achieving their goals. I cannot explain how grateful I am to receive a scholarship from our National Foundation.”

Gamma Gamma Chapter – Melinda Henry Oates Scholarship

Taylor Walter

Gamma Gamma 2020/UWA

“This scholarship will help me finish school on time without having too many student loans. I am grateful.”

Omicron Chapter Scholarship

Rebekah Weaver

Omicron 2017/Concord

“Recieving an Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation Scholarship eases the burden of the cost of my academic endeavors and enables me to pursue my post-graduate degree in Library and Information Science.”

Beta Mu Chapter Scholarship

Taylor Windmiller

Beta Mu 2020/Salisbury

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship allows me to eliminate debt from my undergraduate education so that I can pursue a Master’s degree.”

Elizabeth Wilson/Dorothy Bennett Robinson Scholarship

Madison Yarbrough

Upsilon 2021/Central Arkansas

“This semester has been overwhelmingly stressful with school, sickness, and financial hardships. A scholarship from Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation eliminates some of that stress, and allows me to focus fully on my educational goals.”

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