2022 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

This year, the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation proudly offers over $90,000 in academic scholarships to members and their families. The individuals receiving these awards have shown extraordinary dedication to academics, community, and the values of Alpha Sigma Tau. The scholarship program is made possible thanks to generous contributions from Sisters and friends, and we are grateful for the opportunity to play a role in supporting the undergraduate and graduate goals of the exceptional recipients listed below. Congratulations to the 2022 recipients and their families!

Gamma Gamma Chapter Scholarship

Kelsey Allen

Gamma Gamma 2020/UWA

“Having this scholarship ensures that I have the financial stress off of me, which allows me to focus better on my studies. Having that lifted allows me to move forward with my future goals.” 

Lenore Seibel King Scholarship; Mary Ellen Willmitch Scholarship; Ricki Bargman Trosen Scholarship

Kayleah Anderson

Epsilon Kappa 2019/Trine

“To finish my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, I must take an additional semester to be able to complete my student teaching. Receiving a scholarship allows me to put the money I earn from my summer job toward expenses other than tuition, such as paying to take tests to receive my teaching license. It allows me to save for the future and set myself up for success after graduation.”

Zeta Chapter Centennial Scholarship

Danielle Arocho

Zeta 2017/Lock Haven

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps me obtain my Master’s degree in Dietetics and my goals of becoming a Registered Dietitian. Ideally I would love to work in an eating disorder recovery facility for young men and women who are going through similar situations. Being able to understand how these adolescents truly feel can give me a better chance at helping them recover.”

Zeta Chapter – Denny Strouse Scholarship

Skyler Barlup

Zeta 2019/Lock Haven

“In May, I began clinical rotations, which allow me to apply the knowledge instilled in me over the past year. Clinical rotations require me to travel to receive the best experiences possible. Housing, food, and gas can add up quickly, on top of whatever additional costs are needed for my clinical rotations. With a scholarship, I can obtain my education at a more affordable cost, as well as focus on learning medicine instead of worrying about the financial burden.”

Psi Chapter Scholarship

Katherine Barry

Psi 2020/James Madison

“Having this scholarship alleviates some of the financial stress I carry having to support myself. I have goals to immediately implement my degree and start my career right after graduation. As a military child, I love moving around and would like to move across the country to pursue my job search. Having financial support helps me better my mental health and focus on being the best I can be academically and succeed after graduation.”

Lenore Seibel King Scholarship; Beta Xi Chapter Scholarship

Kaitlyn Brady

Beta Xi 2020/Michigan Tech

“Receiving this scholarship allows me to use my summer time to increase my educational experience rather than using that time to work in order to pay for my tuition. I could complete my internship at a physical therapy clinic and further my participation in public health research under one of my professors. This scholarship helps relieve the financial burden that halts some of my educational goals.”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Brittnie Breece

Gamma Tau 2021/Lebanon Valley

“Obtaining this scholarship helps me reach my educational goals because I want to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and go to graduate school. In graduate school, I will get a degree in Genetic Counselling. As a Genetic Counselor, I want to be able to help parents, and mothers, support their children if they have a genetic disorder. With this scholarship, I worry less about whether I can support myself through my educational goals.”

Rose Marie Schmidt, Ed.D Scholarship

Elisabeth Brown

Delta Alpha 2020/Gannon

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps me in achieving my educational goals. I currently have two jobs to be able to pay for my education and still struggle to pay for all the expenses, so receiving this scholarship relieves some stress so I can put more of my attention to my studies.”

Lois Anne Cooke Scholarship

Caroline Cameron

Epsilon Mu 2020/Buffalo

“I recently discovered my passion for working with students and helping them learn about biology through my internship at a local high school. I am pursuing a career as a science professor because it combines my passions of advocating for the environment and working with students. Receiving a scholarship from the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation greatly aids in achieving my educational goals as I have a contribution to my college tuition.”

Psi Chapter – Sara Yakovac Scholarship

Madison Chang

Psi 2020/James Madison

“I understand what a great privilege it is to be able to attend college. It has been extremely hard to stay motivated through the pandemic, but Alpha Sigma Tau has been one of my biggest encouragements and highlights of my life. I have found my best friends through this sorority and as a member, I believe that I have a great amount of power to continue bettering our organization. An Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation scholarship ensures that I can continue to be a dedicated Sister, while pursuing my academic and professional goals.”

Carrie Washburne Staehle Scholarship

Sophie Cocchiarella

Epsilon Chi 2020/Minnesota Duluth

“Overall, a scholarship gives me confidence in heading into the professional world knowing I was not only supported by my chapter Sisters but my Sisters nationally. This allows me to finish school so I can achieve my goal of becoming a communications major, finish my Human Resources Minor, and be able to solely focus on my honors acceptance.”

Dr. Tiffany K. Street Fellowship

Cassidy Cooper

Beta Delta 2013/Duquesne

“A scholarship from the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation allows me to continue my education and further my career as a teacher. It is my hope to become a School Library Media Specialist. I love working in the classroom with high school students, but as a School Library Media Specialist, I would be able to extend my reach beyond the classroom and inspire a larger population of students to discover a love of reading and learning. An Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps me make this dream a reality.”

Martha Drouyor Belknap DeCamp Scholarship; Phi Chapter Scholarship

Breanna Dominguez

Phi 2021/Southeastern Louisiana

“It means everything to me to receive a scholarship to put towards my tuition. Since high school, my education has been one of the most important things in my life. I worked very hard throughout high school to earn the scholarships that I did. Even with the scholarships I was granted, I still have costs to pay each semester. Especially after Hurricane Ida devastated my hometown and I was out of work for over a month, I am still trying to catch up on my personal and academic expenses.”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Meredith Fitzgerald

Gamma Tau 2021/Lebanon Valley

“Receiving a scholarship from the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation aids me by removing the financial stress on my family, allowing me to work hard on my education with less worry and guilt about the financial strain I am causing. As a biochemistry and molecular biology major, school supplies can add up with costly lab manuals and supplies. Having a scholarship allows me to purchase these and keep them to use in later courses as supplemental material.”

Rose Marie Schmidt, Ed.D Scholarship; Beta Eta Chapter – Emma Casserotti Memorial Scholarship

Anne Fulgenzi

Beta Eta 2019/SIUE

“My parents were first-generation college students who instilled in me the value of hard work and education. My dream is to attend law school, work as a public interest attorney, and run for public office. My passion lies in positively impacting as many lives as possible. During my academic year, I only work to make ends meet so I can prioritize my education and Sorority commitments. To be able to do this, I rely on scholarships to support my educational pursuits. These scholarships helps alleviate financial burdens and assists me in reaching my goals.”

Alpha Lambda Chapter Scholarship; 2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Morgan Givens

Alpha Lambda 2021/Radford

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps my educational goals because I could use the money for my school expenses instead of having to work as much as I do currently to afford to pay for everything on my own. My mother lost her job in December and in November my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor so I have had to work almost full time while in school to be able to pay for everything that I need to.”

Gamma Theta Chapter Scholarship

Mariah Gooch

Gamma Theta 2020/Penn State Behrend

“Recieving a scholarship from Alpha Sigma Tau allows me to continue in my educational program while being able to remain involved in my campus community. I am currently working more hours than I feel are sustainable with my current level of involvement, as I need to do so in order to be financially stable. With the help of this scholarship, I can have a healthier balance between work, academics, and leadership development.”

Omicron Chapter Scholarship

Alysha Gorbey

Omicron 2022/Concord

“This scholarship money will be put into savings, so that I will have money saved up for any emergencies that might occur within my family.”

Lois Anne Cooke Scholarship

Alexandra Green

Epsilon Rho 2020/SUNY Geneseo

“I am always looking for ways to further my education and career goals. As a first-generation college student, my first years have been difficult but I have remained motivated, determined, and perserved. Receiving this award lessens my stress about having to work overtime in order to afford my education. I am excited to invest more into my college community and further my leadership abilities, contributing to Alpha Sigma Tau. I am grateful that this scholarship can financially aid me and open the doors for more opportunities to excel in life.”

Founders Scholarship

Emily Hanlon

Beta 2015/Central Michigan

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship has significant impact in aiding my educational goals. Receiving this scholarship relieves the tension and stress that accompanies financial difficulties and allows me to focus my energy on more imperative tasks to my educational goals. Receiving this scholarship allows me to purchase books, pay for rent, groceries, and travel – all of which are essential to pursuing a Ph.D.”

Founders Scholarship

Janet Hanson

Iota 1973/Emporia State

“A scholarship helps to affirm one’s commitment to the program. When assistance is received from outside organizations, there is an additional level of responsibility on the individual receiving the support. Knowing that others will be reviewing one’s progress is an extra incentive to complete the task well and timely. I appreciate your consideration of helping me complete my goal of becoming a school librarian.”

Zeta Chapter Centennial Scholarship

Allison Harris

Zeta 2021/Lock Haven

“Recieving the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship means a lot to me. It will help me in the future, as I am paying off loans. It could be money going towards my students, as I will hopefully be working with special needs students or in a elementary classroom.”

Delta Phi Chapter Scholarship; Michael Pyszka Scholarship

Hope Hartman

Delta Phi 2020/NYU

“A scholarship from Alpha Sigma Tau helps a lot with the financial pressure I’m under. I currently work two jobs and hardly have time for academics and work. Balancing both has been a huge source of stress in my life. It would be a dream to be able to stop working as much and dedicate more time to my academics.”

Charlotte Evans Floyd Scholarship

Natalie Herr

Epsilon Rho 2019/SUNY Geneseo

“Receiving this scholarship is a great honor and testament to the generosity of the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation. My decision to pursue higher education is all thanks to the opportunities that Alpha Sigma Tau has provided me throughout college. With the continued support from this organization I hold so dear to my heart, I will be able to obtain my MBA with a concentration in Leadership/Consulting. I am beyond thrilled to be continuing my education in direct response to the impact that Alpha Sigma Tau has made on me.”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Meghan Herrington

Gamma Gamma 2021/UWA

“Receiving this scholarship is not only a great honor but also alleviates some of the financial stressors, so that I can devote my full attention to my education and save more money for pharmacy school in the future.”

Mary Charles Adams Ashby Scholarship

Raegan Hesse

Gamma Upsilon 2016/ Cal State LA

“Receiving a scholarship from Alpha Sigma Tau helps me achieve my goals to provide quality mental health care to underserved populations. My university equips me with top-notch education and training to prepare me in pursuing my licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. However, the cost of attendance is not something I am privileged enough to afford. Unfortunately, my father was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, and our pockets have gotten even tighter. This aid from my Sisters helps me and my family immensely.”

Gamma Tau Chapter Scholarship

Brandi Himes

Gamma Tau 2021/Lebanon Valley

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship gives me the opportunity to finish my undergraduate degree and continue my academic journey to pharmacy school. It helps to relieve some financial burden and allows me to fully focus on my studies. Alpha Sigma Tau is a notable organization that helps women accomplish their goals and empower others and I am proud to be part of it.”

Christina Covington Scholarship; June E. McCarthy Scholarship; Phi Chapter – Southeastern Louisiana Alumnae Chapter Scholarship

LeeAnn Hovis

National Vice President-Collegian
Phi 2021/Southeastern Louisiana

“Recieving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps remove the stress of taking on multiple jobs to afford college, Sorority dues and other major expenses.”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Madeline Jelic

Delta Eta 2022/Belmont

“Recieving a scholarship from Foundation helps me continue my education at Belmont. Since I transfered into Belmont and lost some credits through that transfer, I have to pay for an additional year. I have worked so hard to finally be at the right school and studying my biggest passion. Being able to continue my education with a little less financial stress means so much to me. I already have so much support from my Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters, and being supported by the Foundation touches my heart in the deepest way.”

Delta Beta Chapter Scholarship

Makayla Jones

Delta Beta 2019/Fairmont

“I am a senior graduating in the fall, so recieving a scholarship helps cover the cost of tuition. I am also taking summer classes to ensure that I am able to graduate early.”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Madison Kappeler

Gamma Theta 2021/Penn State Behrend

“This scholarship helps me to be able to finish my degree in nursing and graduate with as little debt as possible. I switched my major late and I will end up being a year behind so this scholarship will also help aid me financially in the future.”

DonnaMarie Grenier Scholarship

Molly Kelly

Delta Eta 2021/Belmont

“By receiving this award, I will be able to continue to attend Belmont and pursue my dreams of becoming a nurse. Because Belmont is located in the heart of Nashville, the healthcare hub of the world, there are so many opportunities for clinical experience here. Continuing to attend Belmont will allow me to become the best nurse that I can be by exposing me to diverse populations, unique clinical experiences, and new perspectives of patients, communities, nurses, and healthcare as a whole.”

Delta Chapter Scholarship

Olivia Klaptosky

Delta 2021/IUP

“Receiving this scholarship decreases the stress caused by debt, especially due to my post-graduate plans. It also validates the hard work I’ve put into education, both inside and outside of school.”

Psi Chapter Scholarship

Kayla Lauver

Psi 2020/James Madison

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship helps me tremendously in my educational goals as I finance my own education and work very hard in school to ensure that I have a great future ahead of me.” 

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Allison McClain

Zeta 2020/Lock Haven

“Recieving an award from the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation has an extreme impact on my educational goals. My plan is to attend law school after graduating in December 2022. I pay for my education completely with student loans. A scholarship significantly benefits me, my family, and my education. Alpha Sigma Tau has taught me so much already and I am honored to recieve a scholarship from an organization I care so much about.”

Beta Pi Chapter Scholarship; 2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Emma Mitchell

Beta Pi 2022/Eastern Illinois

“By receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship, I can afford to work fewer hours during the school year and summer. This allows me more time to volunteer and spend with my Sisters. By being able to spend more time with my Sisters, not only will I develop a deeper connection with them, but we could spend that time bettering the chapter as a whole. For example, we could spend dedicated time brainstorming about future recruitment themes, sisterhood events, and philanthropy events!”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

McKenzie Mosbey

Phi 2021/Southeastern Louisiana

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau scholarship will help me obtain a bachelor degree in kinesiology with a concentration in exercise science. I am dedicating myself to become a doctor of physical therapy and achieving this dream can be financially burdening. I am extremely thankful and will use the scholarship to help my dream come true and to prove that I am destined to help change people’s lives, mentally and physically.”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Sadie Nahman

Zeta 2021/Lock Haven

“Recieving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship decreases the amount of student loans that I will have to take to earn my degree, therefore making my monthly payment after graduation less. It also allows for extra money to take summer and/or winter courses to be able to graduate with a bachelors degree in four years, at which time I could then persue more education.”

Gamma Theta Chapter Scholarship

Jazmin Navarette

Gamma Theta 2021/Penn State Behrend

“This scholarship means so much for me and for my family. I am a first-generation college student, my parents didn’t attend high school and have been working their whole lives to help me get a great education. They supported me with all their life savings and are continuing to support me, but it has been a very stressful year trying to keep up with my studies and working a job on campus to help pay for tuition as well. Receiving this scholarship will help me tremendously because it will allow me to focused more on my academics.”

Ferne Shumate Phipps Scholarship; 2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Anna Neal

Beta Rho 2020/Arkansas Tech

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship relieves a financial burden and opens doors for future educational pursuits. I intend on obtaining higher levels of education in the near future, and receiving an scholarship would allow me to pursue that directly following the completion of my undergraduate degree.”

Beta Omega Chapter Scholarship

Rachel Polzer

Beta Omega 2021/Monmouth

“Receiving a scholarship helps pay for books for my classes and the test prep materials for certifications for Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. I’m ecstatic to follow in the footsteps of my mother and older sister by becoming a teacher, and I cannot wait to be able to have a classroom of my own. I aspire to use literature to engage my students, encourage them, and be a source of positivity and care. Everyone has had a teacher who changed their life for the better. This scholarship helps me become that teacher for all of my students.”

2020 Founders Day of Giving Scholarship

Caroline Richardson

Psi 2021/James Madison

“I have always made the most out of my education. As a health science student, I am hoping to attain my CNA license and become a licensed physician’s assistant working in an oncology office. My goals and aspirations have always been fueled by the inclination to help others. A scholarship helps finance my undergraduate degree at so I am able to save more for my graduate schooling. This scholarship helps me be one step closer to achieving my educational and career goals.”

Epsilon Alpha Chapter – Brittani Fussinger Berg Scholarship

Winona Roulston

Epsilon Alpha 2021/Embry-Riddle Prescott

“This scholarship means a lot to me, allowing me to continue pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with students and professors who share the same passion as I do! From where I started learning the basics of engineering design to learning about different engineering mechanics, this scholarship allows me to advance my education and goals further.”

Thomas J. King Jr. Scholarship

Alayna Starll

Beta Xi 2019/Michigan Tech

“I am studying biomedical engineering and have had a job or internship during the summer every year. I try to save and budget for the entire year based on just that income. I apply for financial aid, along with other scholarships throughout the year, but I have also had to take out student loans. I have thought about taking on a job during the school year, but I really love all of the organizations that I am a part of and I would like to stay as involved as possible while still being financially stable. Overall, this scholarship assists me to finance my school costs!”

Lois Anne Cooke Scholarship

Samantha Stellrecht

Epsilon Rho 2021/SUNY Geneseo

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship decreases the financial burden of paying for my education. I spend more time focusing on my studies, reduce my hours worked at Green Acres, and spend part of my summer interning to prepare for my future career. Studying abroad, which has always been a dream of mine, but a far-fetched one due to financial issues, has become a possibility.”

Nayle Family Scholarship

Gabriella Thomas

Gamma Delta 2018/UMass Dartmouth

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship aids my graduate education at UMass Dartmouth by covering the cost of my tuition. This scholarship also allows for me to have housing security and relieves much of the additional stress I experience due to finances. I can focus more on my graduate degree and helping undergraduate Sisters of the Gamma Delta Chapter in all their pursuits.”

Delta Tau Chapter Scholarship

Anna Van Hese

Delta Tau 2019/Oakland

“By receiving a scholarship, I will continue my studies in my final year of college. It helps me feel less worried about how I will pay tuition and how to make ends meet. I’m able to continue working towards my goal of getting a Masters in Public Policy/Administration program. I’ve seen what these scholarships have done for Sisters in my chapter and others. It has allowed them to continue flourishing and achieving their goals. I cannot explain how grateful I am to receive a scholarship from our National Foundation.”

Gamma Gamma Chapter – Melinda Henry Oates Scholarship

Taylor Walter

Gamma Gamma 2020/UWA

“This scholarship will help me finish school on time without having too many student loans. I am grateful.”

Omicron Chapter Scholarship

Rebekah Weaver

Omicron 2017/Concord

“Recieving an Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation Scholarship eases the burden of the cost of my academic endeavors and enables me to pursue my post-graduate degree in Library and Information Science.”

Beta Mu Chapter Scholarship

Taylor Windmiller

Beta Mu 2020/Salisbury

“Receiving an Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation Scholarship allows me to eliminate debt from my undergraduate education so that I can pursue a Master’s degree.”

Elizabeth Wilson/Dorothy Bennett Robinson Scholarship

Madison Yarbrough

Upsilon 2021/Central Arkansas

“This semester has been overwhelmingly stressful with school, sickness, and financial hardships. A scholarship from Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation eliminates some of that stress, and allows me to focus fully on my educational goals.”

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