A Look into our Creed

“Let us now recite the Creed,” your Chapter President says to you and your Sisters.

As you stand from your chair, you look around the room at your Sisters dressed in their best Badge attire. You lock eyes with your best friend and smile softly as you begin your weekly rendition of the Creed of Alpha Sigma Tau.

“As a member of Alpha Sigma Tau…” echoes throughout the room. Our collective proclamation to value friendships, strive to be our best selves, and make the world a better place bounces off chalkboards and desks.

Does this feel familiar?

These words have been spoken by every single member of Alpha Sigma Tau since the 1940s. These words are some of the first ideals our new members learn, and they are some of the most memorable as alumnae carry them throughout their lives.

Did you ever wonder how the Creed came to be?

The earliest known reference to the Creed of Alpha Sigma Tau was in October 1944 in an issue of the Sorority’s magazine, The Anchor. The Creed was created at a National Council meeting to embody the beliefs of the Sorority. Each member on the committee charged with creating the Creed contributed a portion of this Sorority cornerstone we know today.

Snip of the Creed printed in an issue of The Anchor from the 1950s

Our 3rd National President Carrie Washburne Staehle (Alpha 1924/Eastern Michigan) wrote the first line. Beverly Bollard (Sigma 1932/Buffalo State), who specialized in alumnae programming, knew about the “values of friendship and fidelity to purpose.” Mary Alice Seller Peterson (Iota*/Emporia State) contributed “fulfillment of self and contributing one’s share to the progress of mankind.” Ruth Maher (Pi 1938/Harris-Stowe), known for thoughtful words of wisdom and praise, believed in “beauty of spirit and graciousness of living.” All contributors of the Creed believed in living “joyously and valiantly.”

In June 2021, the National Council revised the Creed to state: “…contribute my share to the progress of humankind.” This modernization, revising the term mankind to be humankind, better captures the spirit of our members’ commitment to enriching the lives of those around us.