Our next steps to address racism, hate, and systemic injustice

Graphic that states, "We recognize our responsibility to do the work needed to address systemic racial injustice."

Alpha Sigma Tau acknowledges the racial injustice in our society and the impact it has on our members. We recognize our responsibility to do the work needed to address systemic racial injustice. We stand with and support our Black Sisters.

Alpha Sigma Tau is committed to the following actions to address racism, hate, and systemic injustice in our society.

Alpha Sigma Tau will take the following actions: 

Opportunities for members to listen, understand, and connect

We invite members to share specific experiences on the topics of cultural bias, inclusion, and equity with Sisters, volunteers, and staff.  

If you are interested in being included in this opportunity, please click on this link.

If you are seeking resources to educate yourself on systemic racial injustice, please refer to the following resources.

Appoint the Sorority Advisory Committee

The National Council will appoint members to serve on the Sorority Advisory Committee.  There will be a call for interested members to serve on the committee this summer.  The charge of the committee is to:

  • Understand the experiences and needs of our Black Sisters which are not being met by current programming.
  • Identify opportunities for growth in educating members on cultural bias, inclusion, and equity.
  • Research experts in diversity, inclusion, and equity to engage with Alpha Sigma Tau.

Continue to optimize our partnerships with other non-profit organizations

The recent acts of violence and racism in our country has elevated the need to find opportunities to address issues of inequity and contribute to the progress of mankind. Through our Women’s Wellness Initiative, we will continue to seek opportunities to promote social and emotional wellness through service in our local communities.  

Alpha Sigma Tau is setting the expectation that our members commit to education, awareness, and action. The National Organization applauds the many members who have set an example for us all through serving their community, supporting their Sisters, and vocalizing how Alpha Sigma Tau’s values are in opposition to racism.