Officer Academy Programming

We are excited to offer a weekend full of invaluable programming for collegiate chapter officers. For Officer Academy 2020, we partnered with RISE Partnerships to deliver training and education relevant to Executive Committee officers.

Topics for the weekend include:

  • Setting Direction – establishing a vision and objectives for what you want to achieve as an officer
  • Leading Your Team: Engaging Members – understanding how to involve and motivate members in meaningful ways, and how to delegate effectively
  • Leading Your Team: Aligning Members – identifying strategies for how to address barriers and common excuses from members, and learning how to adapt chapter operations to get the most from your members
  • Project Management – identifying energy suckers and energy generators and learning how to break down big ideas into small, progressive tasks; includes techniques for determining project timelines and mapping your annual calendar
  • Alpha Sigma Tau Leadership – learning about all the Alpha Sigma Tau tools, programs, and resources that support your success and productivity as a chapter leader