Protect our Brand with Licensed Vendors

Utilizing licensed vendors is Alpha Sigma Tau’s primary way to ensure our names and symbols (which are registered trademarks) are only used in ways that align with our brand standards and values.

Just like other trademark owners, like your favorite TV show or sports team, Alpha Sigma Tau owns and controls our trademarks. We regulate this through licensed vendors. Licensed vendors follow strict guidelines that protect Alpha Sigma Tau from misrepresentation, products of poor quality, and copyright infringement.

Shopping for new Alpha Sigma Tau merchandise or planning a chapter order? Be sure the company is licensed. Click the button below to find a vendor. If your favorite local vendor isn’t on the list, click here to recommend them!

The seal makes it real!

Companies who are allowed to use Alpha Sigma Tau’s name and logos have this seal of approval. Don’t see it on their website? Visit this page to find out if they’re licensed to sell AΣT merchandise.

Members are encouraged to use Alpha Sigma Tau’s trademarks for non-commercial personal use. If an individual, member or non-member, wishes to sell products bearing the Sorority’s name, nicknames, or symbols, they must become a licensed vendor.

Utilizing licensed vendors benefits the Sorority and our members in many ways. First, it ensures that products that represent Alpha Sigma Tau are in alignment with our values and high standards of excellence. Additionally, licensed vendors pay royalties to the Sorority, and these funds ultimately come back to members through educational programs and services.

Thank you for protecting the Alpha Sigma Tau brand!