Chapters Maximize Philanthropic Giving with CrowdChange

Alpha Sigma Tau collegiate chapters now have access to CrowdChange, a technology solution to assist with maximizing philanthropic fundraising efforts. CrowdChange is a digital crowdfunding platform where chapters can create fundraisers, share the opportunity to donate with long-distance supporters, and easily track and thank donors.

“The way we give philanthropically has changed drastically in recent years,” says Jim Paponetti, Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority. “CrowdChange helps our chapters adapt to this trend. With the rise of online crowdfunding platforms and mobile giving, expectations of both fundraising organizers and donors have changed. We want our collegiate chapters to maximize their philanthropic fundraising potential, and to make it easy for those who want to support a cause to do so. When chapters use CrowdChange, they’re highly likely to achieve both of those goals.”

Research from CrowdChange shows that chapters who utilize the tool raise, on average, 236% more than what they raised the previous year for similar or identical events. One key reason for this increase is the ability to provide alumnae and family the opportunity to support the fundraiser from afar.

“Alumnae are always seeking out ways to support their collegiate chapter’s philanthropic efforts, and family members are looking to support their loved ones. With CrowdChange, it’s much easier,” says Jim. “We’re looking forward to witnessing our collegiate chapters make a larger impact on their local communities through the Women’s Wellness Initiative with the help of alumnae, family, and friends.”

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