Contribute your share…of thoughts in an upcoming survey!

Alpha Sigma Tau always strives to enhance the membership experience. We’re constantly evaluating our initiatives and gathering feedback from members about how we can continue to add value to their lives. Our latest initiative, set to launch this month, will help us understand our membership and industry trends on an even deeper level.

We are excited to announce that Alpha Sigma Tau is joining together with more than 30 other fraternities and sororities to conduct an international survey of fraternal organization members. In this study, we hope to learn more about how members view their fraternal relationships, where we should focus our efforts in the future, and how we can improve the fraternal experience for everyone.
This study is being coordinated by Cygnus Applied Research, an international firm with a decade of experience working with fraternities and sororities, and more than 30 years conducting research with alumni and donors.

Alpha Sigma Tau’s survey is expected to launch this month, and we wanted to make sure you had a heads up. In today’s email world, it can be hard to know which messages are real and which ones are scams.

If you receive the invitation from Cygnus Applied Research signed by our National Foundation Board President Kris Haskin, don’t worry—it’s legitimate. In addition, we didn’t sell your data; we partnered with a highly regarded research company to carry out the legwork on the data collection and analysis.

While most of our members will receive an invitation to participate from Cygnus at that time, you can opt-in or opt-out to the study in advance here. Your involvement is completely optional and any information you provide during the research will be completely confidential. 

If you’re invited to participate in this important study, please do! Your opinions and perspective will help shape the future of Alpha Sigma Tau and strengthen the experience for all our members and supporters. Please help us gain a better understanding of how we can best work together to drive Alpha Sigma Tau forward.

For more information, please contact or call 317-613-7575.
Thank you in advance for taking part in this important initiative!