Color Identity

One of the most recognizable features of a brand are the colors. Alpha Sigma Tau’s Emerald Green and Victory Gold are key aspects of our identity. Below is an outline of Alpha Sigma Tau’s official color palette.

Primary Colors

Color 1Spec 1Color 2Spec 2
Emerald Green
PMS 7721 C

CMYK C90 M43 Y59 K27
RGB R6 G95 B92
HEX #065F5C
Victory Gold
PMS 7752 C

CMYK C21 M28 Y100 K0
RGB R207 G173 B43

Secondary Colors

Color 1Spec 1Color 2Spec 2
PMS 7416 C

CMYK C0 M73 Y63 K0
RGB R242 G106 B91
PMS 7403 C

CMYK C7 M21 Y80 K0
RGB R236 G195 B82
PMS 7675 C

CMYK C55 M46 Y12 K0
RGB R126 G133 B176
HEX #7E85B0
PMS 339 C

CMYK C72 M10 Y71 K2
RGB R70 G165 B114
HEX #46A572

Neutral Colors

Color 1Spec 1Color 2Spec 2
90% PMS Black

CMYK C0 M0 Y0 K90
RGB R65 G64 B66
HEX #414042
50% PMS Black

CMYK C0 M0 Y0 K50
RGB R147 G149 B152
HEX #939598
25% PMS Black

CMYK C0 M0 Y0 K25
RGB R199 G200 B202
10% PMS Black

CMYK C0 M0 Y0 K10
RGB R230 G231 B232

Do’s and Dont’s

When using color, Emerald Green should make up 75% of the design. Victory Gold should make up no more than 25% of the total design. Whitespace is not included as a color and is highly encouraged in all Alpha Sigma Tau designs.

When using color, the secondary color palette should only be used as design accents. The primary colors should make up the majority of the design.

To ensure consistency, use these tints of black when neutral colors are needed.

Need help?

Not sure which color code to use? If your final product is digital (like an Instagram post or an image for your website), use RGB or HEX. If your final product is printed (like a poster or banquet program), use CMYK. Only use PMS when requested by a designer.

For assistance using the secondary colors, please contact Alpha Sigma Tau’s Communications Team.