“A picture is worth 1000 words.” This timeless adage grows more accurate with each day as digital media continues to establish a greater presence in our daily lives.

Because images are a powerful way to tell the Alpha Sigma Tau story, it’s important that all photos associated with Alpha Sigma Tau are of high quality and consistent with our brand.

Photography Style Tips

  • Use natural lighting
  • Capture authenticity through candid photos, cropping, and out-of-focus elements
  • Capture emotion through photos with a handful of Sisters—not large groups
  • Utilize portrait mode on your phone
  • When sharing photos via email, send “actual size” when prompted
  • Avoid a busy or distracting background
  • Avoid cutting off limbs mid-joint

Photo Gallery

Photography Usage Guidelines

Photos may be used for Alpha Sigma Tau promotional purposes by members, entities, licensed vendors, and approved partners. Promotional use by non-Alpha Sigma Tau members, entities, licensed vendors, or partners is strictly prohibited.

All photos in the gallery should not be edited or manipulated in any way that changes the meaning, message, subject matter, or look of the original photo.