Logo Downloads

Below is a listing of Alpha Sigma Tau’s primary and program logos available for download. Always ensure the Sorority’s logomarks are used consistently and appropriately:

  • Alpha Sigma Tau’s logos and graphics are registered trademarks intended for the exclusive use of Alpha Sigma Tau members, entities, and licensed vendors.
  • We prohibit alterations of existing logos and development or use of alternative logos.
  • Review the guidelines before use.

Alpha Sigma Tau Logos

The Alpha Sigma Tau logomark is the Sorority’s primary and most powerful and widely recognized brand element. It should be used in full color and whenever possible.

Graphic Elements

Alpha Sigma Tau provides additional graphic elements to make our communications look and feel unique, recognizable, and consistent. These elements shouldn’t be combined with one another and should only be used as accents or to add a splash of dimension.

Program Logos

In addition to Alpha Sigma Tau’s primary logomark, the Sorority features brand identities of additional programs and initiatives. All logos listed below follow the same usage and placement guidelines and limitations as the primary logomark.