Introducing the 2018-2020 Illuminate Master Facilitators

Alpha Sigma Tau is pleased to announce the 2018-2020 Master Facilitators for Illuminate.

Illuminate is Alpha Sigma Tau’s four-year member development program for young women that is unlike anything else out there. Illuminate equips each participant with proven leadership skills to become the woman she aspires to be. (Click here to learn more about Illuminate.)

Master Facilitators help our collegiate Sisters make the most of this innovative program. They (1.) work closely with their assigned client chapters’ Vice Presidents of Member Development, Illuminate Class Facilitators, and others; (2.) develop facilitation skills through the delivery of the Mastering Facilitation curriculum; and (3.) advise, coach, and provide ongoing support to each of their client chapters.

Please welcome the 2018-2020 Master Facilitators!

Melissa Hatfield Atkinson, Gamma Mu
Melissa is an alumna of the Gamma Mu Chapter at the West Virginia University Institute of Technology. A longtime Sorority volunteer, she has served as Chapter Consultant, District President, Director of Collegiate Chapters, and New Member Advisor. In addition to the Master Facilitator role, she currently serves as Chapter Advisor for the Gamma Mu Chapter. Professionally, she works as the Manager of Air Quality for Core Appalachia Operating and is a licensed Professional Engineer in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia. She lives in Charleston, West Virginia, with her husband Mark and their three children.

Why Melissa volunteers: “My inspiration for volunteering is the joy that I get from sharing my passion and love for Alpha Sigma Tau with our collegiate women and celebrating their accomplishments with them!”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “As a Master Facilitator, I am excited to continue to strengthen my connections with our collegiate women and be a positive resource who encourages and facilitates their continued growth as individuals and as a chapter.”

Melissa’s favorite AΣT memory: “I have two though that tie for my absolute favorite. The first is when I was a District President and one of my chapters, Omicron Chapter, received the Founder’s Award. The second was when Gamma Mu Chapter won the Edward Jervey and Martha DeCamp Award at the 2014 Convention. I can’t even begin to describe how thrilled and proud I was of my collegiate women during those moments.”

Chelsea Belote, Beta
Chelsea is a two-time graduate of Central Michigan University, where she was initiated into the Beta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau. She lives in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and has worked in higher education since 2012. Various roles include the Leadership Safari (an extended orientation program), student success, and academic advising. She worked at three different institutions: Central Michigan University, University of Kentucky, and Michigan State University. She enjoys running, cycling, and being outdoors, and will start her Master’s degree in social work this fall.

Why Chelsea volunteers: “I love working with young adults and helping support their goals/development. Illuminate is a well-designed program to empower the development of young women and to challenge them to support one another.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I am excited to work with chapters to empower one another!”

Chelsea’s favorite AΣT memory: “I think my favorite memory comes from being a Chapter Advisor. Watching those women challenge and support one another to improve as a group and individually was inspiring, and to see that pay off when they achieved the highest award at the Greek Awards ceremony was exciting!”

Jen Cohen, Gamma Rho
Jen is an alumna of the Gamma Rho Chapter at Seton Hall University. Professionally, she is the Associate Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Since she loves all things fraternity/sorority-related, she is excited to return as a Master Facilitator for Illuminate. Following college, Jen served as an Educational Consultant for Alpha Sigma Tau, traveling to over 60 chapters in two years. Since that time, she has volunteered with the Sorority on committees, with new member education, as a Delta Pi’s Recruitment Advisor, and now as a Master Facilitator and a non-delegate NPC Area Advisor.

Why Jen volunteers: “During my time at Seton Hall and as an alumna, Alpha Sigma Tau has invested in me and has afforded me many opportunities and deep friendships, I think it is important to pay that forward to current chapter women.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I love the opportunity to connect with chapter leaders to help them excel in their roles and, in turn, impact the women around them.”

Chelsea’s favorite AΣT memory: “There are many! I think any opportunity I have to reconnect with one of my chapter sisters even after many years, it is like no time has passed because we have a deeper, shared connection.”

Steven Crudele, Pi Kappa Alpha (Friend of Alpha Sigma Tau)
Steven is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha and lives in Washington, D.C. He works at American University as a First Year Advisor and Instructor in a full-year course specifically designed for students transitioning into their first year of college at AU. He is passionate about helping students with goal-setting, academic success, and organizational skills. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring D.C., volunteering at the Newseum, and following current events and politics.

Why Steven volunteers: “I enjoy helping students outside of my organization, Pi Kappa Alpha, develop their leadership skills. My inspiration for volunteering is to give back to the fraternal movement, and help students learn and grow in their roles and organizations. I appreciate having the opportunity to help students understand how membership development is transferable beyond their time as an undergraduate.”

Why he’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I am most excited to interact with Alpha Sigma Tau chapters and members from across the country and help them appreciate the value of Illuminate as a vehicle to help them develop their leadership skills throughout their time in the organization and see the transferability to their plans after college.”

Steven’s favorite AΣT memory: “My favorite Alpha Sigma Tau memories have been my debrief calls with Class Facilitators and seeing the “aha” moments where they tried a new facilitation technique with their peers and found success or saw how to improve upon it in future sessions.”

Danielle Cywka, Beta
Danielle is a graduate student pursuing her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. She hopes to find a job in college mental health counseling after she graduates in May. She lives in Cincinnati area currently but is originally from Michigan. She was initiated into the Beta Chapter at Central Michigan University in 2012 and served in multiple roles across the chapter in that time, including Vice President of Operations. During the rare times when she is not focused on her studies, she enjoys cooking, baking, connecting with friends, or trying her hand at Pinterest DIYs.

Why Danielle volunteers: “I was inspired to volunteer because I wanted to give back to the organization that meant so much to me during college, but also reconnect after becoming an alumna. I also have a passion for working with college students, so what a perfect opportunity!”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I am most excited for all the connections, whether that be between the other Master Facilitators or the collegiate chapters I am working with! I am also looking forward to helping Sisters grow in their personal and professional development.”

Danielle’s favorite AΣT memory: “There are so many to choose from! Homecomings, where I got to connect with old friends during school and coming back now as an alumna is even more exciting! Big/Little reveals, because of the excited energy and all the love in the room. Parents Day, and watching my dad finally understand what Greek life was all about and why it was so important to me. Sisterhood retreats, where I got to spend the entire day bonding with my Sisters. The day I found out my baby sister was also joining Alpha Sigma Tau, followed by the day I found out she was joining my family tree, among so many more!”

Maureen Fillmore, Gamma Phi Beta (Friend of Alpha Sigma Tau)
An alumna of California State University, Bakersfield, Maureen has earned a BS in psychology and an MS in educational counseling with a concentration in student affairs. She is a member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. She currently works as the Greek Life & Student Leadership Coordinator at CSU Bakersfield. She enjoys spending time with her growing family (including two children and one on the way), coaching color guard at a local high school, and reading books about the way people think, work, and behave.

Why Maureen volunteers: “I enjoy volunteering because I get the opportunity to work with others across the country and learn more about the diversity of experiences others have. Collaborating energizes me, and I love hearing the thoughts and ideas that are different than mine.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I am most excited about the benefits students receive from the program – both facilitators and participants. This is truly a unique program that members are able to take with them beyond their collegiate experience.”

Maureen’s favorite AΣT memory: “My favorite Alpha Sigma Tau memory was meeting Alex Kennedy [the Sorority’s Chapter Services Coordinator who manages Illuminate] and receiving all of my AΣT gear/swag!”

Lisa-Marie Fredericks, Beta Xi
Lisa graduated from Michigan Tech University with a BS in civil engineering and a BS in business administration. She is an alumna of the Beta Xi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau and current member of the Detroit Metro Alumnae Chapter. She lives in Oxford, Michigan and is the mother of three adult children. She currently serves as Chapter Advisor for the Delta Tau Chapter at Oakland University. Professionally, she works for Hallmark and helps coordinate leadership speakers and women’s events. Lisa is excited to return as a Master Facilitator to help develop collegiate women into leaders by bringing Illuminate to their chapters.

Why Lisa-Marie volunteers: “The success story of the Delta Tau chapter at Oakland University. I was at their installation as Assistant Chapter Advisor in 2001, worked with them through two re-colonizations, and was privileged to help at the start of the last one in 2009. It was so rewarding to work with those first nine women and in five years see them at 80+ women as their Chapter Advisor.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “Being able to help chapter women bring the Illuminate experience to their Sisters in such a way where there is a buy-in and how relatable it is to them, for now and in the future.”

Lisa-Marie’s favorite AΣT memory: “The best memory happens every two years for the last 20 years, and that is being at Convention. I get to reconnect with Sisters I only get to see there. Great conversations, lots of laughter, and some heartfelt tears — but always my fondest memories of being an Alpha Sigma Tau!”

Jordan Frederking, Upsilon
Jordan is from Bentonville, Arkansas, and is an alumna member of the Upsilon Chapter at the University of Central Arkansas. After graduating, she traveled as an Educational Consultant from 2015-2016. She currently works at UCA as the Assistant Director for Student Life. She loves traveling, her weekly spin classes, and calling the Hogs any chance she gets! Woo Pig!

Why Jordan volunteers: “I love being an Alpha Sigma Tau and making connections with our collegians. I served as an Educational Consultant after college and, through that experience, I developed an affinity for serving our chapters. I want to help in any way that I can!”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I loved being a Master Facilitator last year. It was challenging but I feel like I definitely found my groove. I’m excited to build upon my skills as a Master Facilitator and see where my chapters grow in this upcoming year.”

Jordan’s favorite AΣT memory: “I have so many! One of my favorite moments was initiating the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at Dalton State College when I was a consultant. We worked hard that semester to create an amazing Alpha Sigma Tau experience and recruit an exceptional group of women. They’re always in my heart!”

Sarah Hinshaw, Delta Nu
Sarah lives in northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. and has been a volunteer for Alpha Sigma Tau for almost 10 years. Currently, she serves on the Delta Nu Chapter Advisory Board as Assistant Chapter Advisor. Professionally, she is a consultant for international education development projects. She spends her free time reading, running, and watching sports.

Why Sarah volunteers: “I wanted to get an in-depth understanding of the Illuminate programming because I found that when Delta Nu Chapter members used it they had positive experiences. I want to help chapters have similar experiences.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I am excited to work with and get to know other chapters and their members. Over the last few years, my focus has been mostly on Delta Nu and I have missed getting to know women from other chapters.”

Sarah’s favorite AΣT memory: “My favorite memory of Alpha Sigma Tau is the great times I had during my college years with my Sisters. I am hoping to help other women have those same experiences with their chapter Sisters.”

Brieanna Hodskins, Pi Beta Phi (Friend of Alpha Sigma Tau)
Originally from Kentucky, Brieanna is an alumna of Pi Beta Phi. A little more than three years ago, she relocated to the St. Louis area for a position at Pi Beta Phi Headquarters. She has recently accepted a new position at St. Louis University as the Program Coordinator for Fraternity/Sorority Life. In her free time, she likes to read and play with her and her fiancé’s puppies.

Why Brieanna volunteers: “I truly believe in the power of fraternity and sororities. The experiences young collegiate members have as an active member, particularly the leadership development experiences like Illuminate, propel them to be confident women leaders and successful contributors to society after college.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I’m excited to return as a Master Facilitator and continue to work with my client chapters in order to further develop the relationships I have built with the VPMDs and Class Facilitators.”

Brieanna’s favorite AΣT memory: “I was most excited to learn more about the individual impact Illuminate is having on Alpha Sigma Tau’s members.”

Jenn Labbance, Zeta Tau
Jenn is the Director of Student Activities at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She is an alumna of the Zeta Tau Chapter at Longwood University, where she earned her bachelor’s in political science. She later earned a master’s degree in higher education from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Jenn credits her time as a collegian for leading to a career in higher education. After graduating, she served as an Educational Consultant for Alpha Sigma Tau for two years before her current role.

Why Jenn volunteers: “When I joined the Master Facilitator team last year, I realized I was missing out on giving back to a sorority that I credit with giving me my career path. This position is a great way for me to use my talents to give back!”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I am excited to work with chapters that are excited to utilize the Illuminate program. Through the Master Facilitator position last year, I was able to see how great his program is and how it can benefit undergraduates during their college career.”

Jenn’s favorite AΣT memory: Convention. “I was able to go once as a collegian and once as an alumna member (while as a part of the Educational Consultant team). Being in a place where so many others are like-minded with the same purpose just fills you up with positive feelings.”

Zachary Littrell, Sigma Pi (Friend of Alpha Sigma Tau)
Zachary currently works as Assistant Director of Greek Leadership and Development at the University of Arkansas. In this role, he gets to work with the campus’ fraternities and sororities, and focus on the educational programming his office leads. He lives in northwest Arkansas with his dog Nash (who is always up for a trip to the dog park). As a friend of Alpha Sigma Tau, his AΣT journey started by meeting various Alpha Sigma Tau members and hearing what they love about the organization. In his free time, he enjoys going to trivia, playing rec league kickball, and trying to fit as many concerts as possible into his schedule.

Why Zachary volunteers: “The Illuminate program is a lot of my inspiration for volunteering. To see an organization be so committed to its membership that they implement a member development process focused on personal development in this way is inspiring for the entire Sorority/Fraternity Community. Then, through volunteering previously, getting to hear from members how the Illuminate program has changed their lives for the better makes the experience so rewarding.”

Why he’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I’m most excited to work with collegians and help them implement Illuminate in their chapters. The opportunity to help teach collegians how to plan and put on different programs with the goal of helping their Sisters grow is very exciting!”

Zachary’s favorite AΣT memory: “As a friend of Alpha Sigma Tau, my AΣT journey started by meeting various Alpha Sigma Tau members and hearing what they love about the organization. I’m eager to learn more about Alpha Sigma Tau! Especially the history and how the organization has grown. I’m always fascinated by how organizations grow over time.”

Shae McLin, Phi
Shae lives in a small town in Louisiana just outside of Baton Rouge. Professionally, she is an oncology infusion nurse at a cancer center. She married her husband Robert almost 13 years ago during the weekend of Hurricane Katrina, and they have two boys. In her spare time, Shae loves love crafting and all things Disney. In fact, she worked at Disney World in college and would love to go back to work there.

Why Shae volunteers: “After college, I wasn’t that involved with the Sorority, but then an alumnae chapter was started in my area and I became involved again. I started going to Convention and looking for ways to be involved. I believe the values I learned in Alpha Sigma Tau were invaluable and I want to see AΣT continue to grow to help develop other beautiful women.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I think the Illuminate program is amazing. I wish we had something like this when I was in college. It helps women seek out the many great values and qualities that are within them. I am excited to learn more about the program and to meet many collegiate members along the way.”

Shae’s favorite AΣT memory: “I remember my initiation was so special to me. I was in awe of it. At the time, I didn’t realize how special it was. My chapter was in the process of re-colonizing, so my initiation was conducted by some very important ladies, the women who were leading the National Organization at the time.”

Deb Padgett, Alpha Gamma Delta (Friend of Alpha Sigma Tau)
Deb is currently the Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. She is a proud sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, where she was initiated at Valdosta State University in 2004. Her Alpha Sigma Tau journey began in April, when a friend posted about her own Illuminate experience and how it was an incredible experience for her. A self-proclaimed Disney enthusiast, you can find her there most weekends, enjoying Toy Story Mania or the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. She and her husband live in Daytona Beach, about four miles from the ocean, which she describes as “the absolute best!”

Why Deb volunteers: “My inspiration for volunteering comes from a long line of people in my collegiate experience who invested in me. I had a lot of people along the way — supervisors, advisors, friends, and family — that believed I was valued and worth pouring into to become a better woman, sister, friend, and colleague. To continue to do that for other people is an inspiration in itself, I think.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “The Illuminate program is something special that offers unique programming rooted in real-life issues and things that women face. It makes me really excited when I think about heading into this experience. Being a Master Facilitator provides an opportunity to contribute to the greater values and mission of the organization by facilitating this programming to small groups to take back to their chapters, and that makes me super jazzed!”

Deb’s favorite AΣT memory: “If I had to pick one primary focus, it would definitely be the various areas of strategic focus for Alpha Sigma Tau. In StrengthsQuest, I live in a strategic thinker zone, so that sort of information always gets me a little excited!”

Katie Perschbacher, Gamma Xi
Katie was born and raised in west Michigan, which she loves except during the coldest parts of January. (She and her husband are both graduates of Grand Valley State University.) She is excited to serve again as a Master Facilitator because she believes that Illuminate gives our chapters the chance to be successful as a group in areas like communication and problem-solving. Outside of this role, Katie also volunteers as the Chapter Advisor for the Gamma Xi Chapter at GVSU and previously served as a New Member Advisor and District President. In her spare time, she loves animals and spending time with her two cats.

Why Katie volunteers: “I love supporting our collegiate women as they work to develop their leadership skills and self-reliance. I love hearing from members after they’ve graduated that their sorority experience really prepared them for their post-college life.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I’m excited to continue to work with chapters as they increase their knowledge of Illuminate and incorporate it into their routines.”

Katie’s favorite AΣT memory: “My favorite memory from Alpha Sigma Tau was when I got engaged. We did a candle pass at our Homecoming Barbeque, and I was able to share that special moment with all of my Sorority Sisters.”

Sarah Polkabla, Gamma Zeta
Sarah recently graduated from Frostburg State University, where she joined the Gamma Zeta Chapter in the spring of 2015, There, she served as Director of Sisterhood, Director of New Member Education, Illuminate Class Facilitator, Vice President of Member Development, 1899 Society Collegiate Ambassador, and Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment. During Convention this summer, Sarah was awarded the Mary Louise Mandrea Doyle Panhellenic Award for her outstanding contributions to the Greek cause on her campus. Currently, she lives near Annapolis, Maryland, and works for the Department of Defense as a Cybersecurity Analyst. She also works as a dance teacher for The Dance Academy in nearby Severna Park.

Why Sarah volunteers: “The idea of benefitting a collegiate member’s experience like those volunteers who enriched my college experience inspires me to volunteer for Alpha Sigma Tau.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “While a collegiate member, I have held many positions in the Member Development Team because my passion is to help women grow into the best versions of themselves inside and outside of Alpha Sigma Tau. I am excited about the Master Facilitator role because it specifically focuses on member development.”

Sarah’s favorite AΣT memory: “My favorite Alpha Sigma Tau memory is during Fall 2017 when I received the opportunity to represent the Sorority on our Panhellenic Board as Vice President of Recruitment. Our campus Greek Life Advisor reached out to me specifically to fill the position, and I never knew how that position would affect me. I got to assist Alpha Sigma Tau and the other campus sororities in planning recruitment for the fall and spring semesters. Watching women find their home in each of the sororities as well as in my own was the most amazing experience I have had since being a member of Alpha Sigma Tau.”

Benjamin Powell, Pi Kappa Phi (Friend of Alpha Sigma Tau)
Benjamin is a House Director for the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Kentucky. He also advises the campus’ Junior IFC and Junior Panhellenic organizations, runs logistics for their new member educator workshop series, oversees their mental health initiatives, and advises several of their groups directly. He lives in Lexington, but was raised in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he attended the University of Southern Mississippi and joined Pi Kappa Phi. In his free time, he likes to write, sleep, and just chat with people for fun. He has a dog who is a little over a year old named Dublin.

Why Benjamin volunteers: “I love volunteering because I think our student leaders deserve every bit of help they can get to be the best that they can be. In the fraternity and sorority world, we are at a place where we can no longer afford to not bring out the best in our student leaders, and I want to be an active participant in helping them achieve as highly as possible.”

Why he’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I’m most excited about meeting and building relationships with the women I’ll be advising. Moreover, I’m excited to learn how each chapter differs and excels.”

What Benjamin is most eager to learn about AΣT: “I’m most eager to see how the unique experience offered by this program and Alpha Sigma Tau influences and develops the members of this organization.”

Kendra Scott, Psi
Kendra is a native of Alexandria, Virginia, and currently lives in the D.C. area. She attended James Madison University, where she joined the Psi Chapter in the spring of 2008. She graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in organizational communications and a master of science degree in education. While a collegian, she served as the Director of Ritual for her chapter and the Greek Week Committee Co-Director for two years. Currently, Kendra is a student affairs practitioner and works at George Washington University in D.C., where she oversees the undergraduate new student orientation program. She enjoys exploring the city and new restaurants, hanging out with her dog Stella, running, going to her family’s lake house in the summer, spending time outdoors, and enjoying my free time with friends and loved ones.

Why Kendra volunteers: “I want to be able to provide life-changing experiences for other women — to lead the way for them to challenge themselves and one another, and inspire them to reach higher, be smarter, and empower all women to do what they want to do in this world.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I’m excited to give back in a different way and give back to more than just my particular chapter. I’m excited to meet new women, hear their stories, and help them reach their highest potential through this experience. I’m also excited to learn and grow myself, both from the collegiate women and from other volunteers.”

Kendra’s favorite AΣT memory: “My favorite memories of Alpha Sigma Tau has been, and continues to be, friendships. My Big and my Little are two of my very best friends. We regularly keep in touch, see one another when we can, and support each other through the ups and downs. I’m truly thankful for my relationship with them. I will be forever grateful for the Psi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau for bringing us together.”

Hope Swaim, Delta Upsilon
Hope graduated from Saint Leo University in 2017 as a proud member of the Delta Upsilon Chapter, which she joined in 2014. There, she served in many roles including Vice President of Growth. Inspired by Alpha Sigma Tau to go into student affairs and help grow young leaders inside and outside of the Greek community, Hope currently serves as a Graduate Assistant in Student Programming at Nova Southeastern University. She is also working on her master’s degree in student affairs there. In her free time, she loves photography, visiting the art district in Miami, trying new food, going to concerts, and spending time with her “fur baby,” a dachshund named Bella.

Why Hope volunteers: “I was inspired to give back to Alpha Sigma Tau because of my experience in my chapter. I truly would not be the leader I am today without the guidance that Alpha Sigma Tau has given me and the support from my Sorority Sisters. I want to inspire the next generation of women leaders, just as I was inspired at 18 by other Alpha Sigma Taus. Women are the future, and the Illuminate program helps cultivate the skills needed to be a strong and confident leader, both inside and outside of your chapter!”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I am so excited to be working with the talented young women in chapters across the nation who facilitate Illuminate at their respective chapters! Illuminate also holds a special place in my heart because my chapter was one of the first chapters to pilot the program and I have seen it grow into something wonderful!”

Hope’s favorite AΣT memory: “Trying to pick one of my favorite memories so far is almost impossible! Two of my top five favorite memories was meeting each of my four best friends who also ended up being my Sorority Sisters! Also, getting the chance to be Vice President of Growth and see the excitement on Bid Day when our new class of women ran home to us. To this day it still brings a smile to my face knowing those girls are now leaders of the Delta Upsilon Chapter at Saint Leo University.”

Mary Woodbury, Epsilon Sigma
Mary graduated from Bridgewater State University in Fall 2017. She was part of the founding class of the Epsilon Sigma Chapter there, where she also served as Vice President of Finance and Chapter President. She currently lives in central Massachusetts, where I work for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. In her spare time, she loves diving and playing the ukulele.

Why Mary volunteers: “I volunteer so that collegians can have a valuable experience with Alpha Sigma Tau, be introduced to Illuminate, and be given the keys to succeeding in life.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I’m most excited to connect with collegians across the country through the Master Facilitator role!”

Mary’s favorite AΣT memory: “My favorite Alpha Sigma Tau memory was attending Convention, where I made so many new connections with Sisters from across the country.”

Brittani Wyskocil, Alpha Epsilon Phi (Friend of Alpha Sigma Tau)
Brittani graduated from Jacksonville University with her BA in theatre arts and from Pennsylvania State University with an MS in higher education and student affairs. Originally from Tampa, she lives in Norfolk, Virginia, where she is an Academic Advisor in the College of Health Sciences at Old Dominion University. She is a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Her hobbies include yoga, coffee, and adventuring with her dog Herbie.

Why Brittani volunteers: “I am very passionate about education and empowering women, and serving as a Master Facilitator combines both of my passions. Throughout my first year as a Master Facilitator, I had many inspiring conversations with chapter leaders. The potential to help others, as well as myself, grow inspires me to continue to volunteer with Illuminate.”

Why she’s excited to be a Master Facilitator: “I am most excited about meeting new chapter leaders and helping Illuminate continue to grow!”

Brittani’s favorite AΣT memory: “The entire weekend of our Master Facilitator training has been my favorite Alpha Sigma Tau memory. Unfortunately, my undergrad did not have an Alpha Sigma Tau chapter, but while at training, everyone on Headquarters Staff and other Master Facilitators welcomed me and made me feel at home.”